Friday, August 28, 2015

Leadership August Camp Is A Success

8:00 -9:00
10:00- 10:30

·       Registration
·       Introduction
·       Team building activity
·       Career Talent and gift
·       EVERLYNE
Singing Games
Peer Pressure
·       Registration
·       Group Discussion
·       Bodies emotion sexuality
·       JOY
·       Ultimate Frisbee
·       HIV AIDS
·       AMALIA
·       How does your  sexuality influence your participation in sports (Group A)
·       How do you deal with anger and stress(Group B )
·       How do you deal with the  body changes that you face in adolescence( Group C)

The workshop began with registration of participants as they arrived. When they were all settled in we started by a word of prayer from one of the participants. We then divided ourselves into three groups and each participant had their name written on a name tag by the facilitator in that group. With our name tags pinned on we played a game that helped us know each other. It goes like this; concentration is the game keep the rhythm if you can.
Our next activity was a team building activity. Each team was given 10 cups, and three strings. Instructions were that you build a pyramid using the cups. You are not allowed to touch the cup with your hands. This was quite challenging. You had 10 minutes to complete the task.  This was challenging and as each group member struggled they realized it’s easier when they worked together.

After this we settled down for a lesson facilitated by Evelyn Sigilai on careers talents and gifts.  The girls were helped to understand what the terms career, talent and gift mean. They discussed on what they need to do to realize their dream career. She also informed them that their gifts and talents can help them in pursuit of their career. It you want to be a Teacher and you love reading nurturing your talent will help you since as a teacher you will be expected to read a lot. You can also use your talent to help others or bless others. This is evident in those who are gifted in singing and acting. We had a short session where a few of the participants showcased their talents.

This is how we swipe

Loise and her group performing a dance.

Amilia and the group singing ‘You raise me up’
We then had a break and for the thirty minutes we had fun with singing games like in and out the bamboo forest and played a short match.
After singing and playing we had a session with the girls facilitate by Loise on peer and parental pressure. What is pressure?  She asked. Its force put on something. It’s being forced to do something. When you want to push something you put pressure on it. All this were good trials and she then gave the right definition in line with the topic. They were informed that peers are people of the same age group. These age mates can influence you both negatively and positively. This is what we call peer pressure. You need to learn how to avoid negative peer pressure. They were then asked to give reasons why people give in to peer pressure. They said because they want to be with their friends, because they want to be seen as the bad one in the group. How can we then avoid and get out of peer pressure. They were given simple skills like saying no repeatedly, supporting your no with a positive reason, avoiding the company of bad peers, asking too many questions about a topic. The discussion ended with them identifying positive and negative peer pressure.
Amalia a volunteer took us through the last session HIV and AID. The meaning of these abbreviations in full was given by the children in a chorus. They were then asked how one can find out their HIV status. She informed them that one can know their status by getting tested in a VCT center. AMREF has a clinic that gives free counseling and testing. She informed them that 36.000,000 people die in the world because of AIDS. We therefore need to stop the spread of the HIV virus, which leads to AIDS. The discussion progressed on with the girls mentioning how to stop the spread of virus. She ended her session with a game where the girls were naming parts of the bones in the human body.
Cranium head bone
·        Clavicle collar bones
      Phalanges finger bones
·      Humorous , radius and ulna are bones of the arm
·      Femur thigh bone
·      Scapular back bone
We were all very good students of this medical class. The best bone to learn   was humorous, (hahaha humerous)
Time was up and the lessons were over. We went to the field and ended with a football match between Baselona and Manchester United. Team Barcelona scored one goal and time was up before Manchester United could get an equalizer. We then went back to our hall had some snack it was time to share refresh and relax.

After the snack before we parted we gave the participants clothes that were donated by well wishers. The girls were all happy as each of them had   something new to wear. They were grateful and the joy on their faces words cannot explain.
                                                                                                                                                                  On day two we had a different group come in. We did the same things we did on day one and ended with a football match between Baselona and Chelsea. The game ended with no scores.

Sheila Awuor
Becky school center
Joyce Akinyi
Global one
Magrin  Atieno
Kibera primary school
Trizah  Auma
St. John Primary school
Lilian Anyango
St. John primary school
Vivian Auma
Oloo’s Children Center
Vallary  Akello
Ayani Primary School
Mary Achieng
Global One Primary school
Beril Adongo
Ayani primary School
Mercy Tannia
Olympic primary school
Rael Atieno
Olympic primary school
Judith Nyambura
Olympic primary school
Jacline Jahenda
Olympic primary school
Jackline Nekesa
Olympic primary school
Velma Atieno
Olympic primary school
Diana moraa
St. Catherine primary school
Moline Atieno
St. Catherine primary school
Joan Vaseki
St. Catherine primary school


Loice Ngeke
Everlyn Sigilai
Joy Akim