Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Girl Power Netball Tournament Defies Rain

Gir Power Netball Tournament took place in Ayany School within Kibera, where it had rained heavily, so the ground was extremely wet, but this did not dampen the spirits the 14 teams of girls who played, and the community, who cheered them on. Time was taken to hold life skills discussions on HIV and AIDS and the importance of concentrating on one's studies.
Some results:
Semis U12: St. Lazarus vs. Ayany 0-5; Mashimoni vs. Nazarene 8-4; Semis U16: Makina Self Help vs. Holy Unity 4-11; Mashimoni vs. Ayany 7-6. Finals Under 12: Winner: Ayany , R/Up: Mashimoni; Finals Under 16:  Winner: Holy Unity, R/Up: Mashimoni