Saturday, September 14, 2013


14TH SEPTEMBER 2013, AT THE SADILI OVAL  , 11.00 A.M. -1.00 P.M.

The meeting was presided over by Project Assistant, Jayoung Naphtalie Margaret, Paulette Akinyi and Queen Gwen.
 Agenda for the meeting
1.     Welcome to term and introduction
2.     Term two review
3.     Term three programme
4.     How to correctly use and fill the sessions form
5.     Running and reporting of sessions
6.     Follow  on previous terms reports
7.     School visit confirmation
8.     Issuing of this terms guidebook, blank session forms
9.      A.O.Bs
Schools Present/Represented
1.     Holy Unity Primary
2.     St, Catherine
3.     Malezi Primary
4.     Olympic High School
Guests:  Raila Primary- Amina Hassan
The total attendance of Girls to this meeting  was 34.

Girls Present

Holy Unity
Brenda Adhiambo
Lilian Yvone
Faith Akinyi
Vanessa Adhiambo
Cynthia Ombete
Viola Akinyi
Winnie Mijoro
Benta Anyango
Pauline Akinyi
Vivian Achieng
Veronica Akuma
Eunice Nyasuba
Elizabeth Awour
Christabell Mmbone
Sharon Makungu
Asha Abdul
Sofia Adhiambo
Quinter Awour
Elizabeth Sheila
Rose Mwawasi
Charlott Hazel
Damaris Loren
Joan Matendechere
Faith Bochere
Sylnia Akoth
Pauline Gitau
Leila Anyango
Habiba Wanjiku
Irene Mtimba
Pauline Ayuma
Ephrase Ondisa
Winbroder Akoth

Min 1/14/09/13 Welcome and intros
The girls had an introduction to the day’s programme and also had a chance to meet Girl Power’s new Project Assistants, Queen and Paulette.
Min2/14/09/13 term 2 review
We had a run through last term’s programme in relation to sessions and reporting of the same for all the schools present for both Goal , Goal plus and sports
Min3/14/09/13 term 3 programme
Introduced the girls to Module 3 & 4 (Be Empowered & Be Money Savvy) and the specific sessions that we all will be covering and the running of the sessions
Min 4,5,6/14/09/13 how to report
We discussed agendas, 4,5 &  6 together. How to correctly fill out the sessions report and the termly reports, collections and handing them back on time, filling the form as the out the form as the sessions proceed as not to forget day, date, or attendees. We also asked the girls to take down the correct full names of their club members, right age or birth dates for them
Min 7,8//14/09/13
We read out the visit schedule so that the girls are aware that in some cases where the will have had sessions we would like to see how they done, reported and we can collect them  for earlier reporting. We also issued the present with a Goal module 3& 4 per school as well as all other sessions documents to record s for us to be able to have  data working on
We had all the schools give us their club days and hours and have scheduled another goal champions meeting which tentatively shall be on 20th October

Goal Champions Minutes Compiled by;
Jayoung Naphtalie Margaret
Project Assistant

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bella's Volunteer Experience At Girl Power

Bella marking the girls
attendance sheet.
''Bella Achieng' is not just an ordinary girl: she is determined to do her best to excel in life and she is not afraid or ashamed to do it. She is very lively and loud and funny. She loves fun and we often hear her laugh. "Its been interesting seeing her learn and grow and come up with her own ideas on how to improve things around'', says fellow Project Assistant, Jayoung Margaret, and she goes on to explain, "Bella first met us through our face book page She would often inbox the admin, either congratulating us or asking about what the next event is and how she could join. That's how she joined us for her first workshop in December 2012, during the Ex-Cans Leadership Workshop where along with others they got trained in basic Leadership skills.
Bella is now off tin September to attend a full time course in Nutrition at one of Catholic's University's constituent colleges and is lucky to have secured a scholarship for that. At some point...she hopes she can pursue a course in Education! Good luck girl!
Here's her experience in her words
'' I thank God for granting me me the chance to be part of Girl Power Clubs Africa and again special thanks goes to our patron Dr. Liz Odera and Jayoung.
I came to know Girl Power Club through Facebook, and immediately became interested in the activities that they would post, I became one great fan of their page till it reached a time they recognised me.
Bella  & Diana having
fun with the girls
I first attended their training during the December Holiday of 2012. I really liked what I saw  that day and i thought maybe i could come up with something much more if i joined them. After completing high school, I asked for a chance to work with Girl Power Clubsand by God's grace, I was granted the chance together with my friend Diana"

"Today I am happy young woman because I have grown in all sectors. I have learnt to be ''mtulivu and mnyeyekevu''  as Mr. Clement (one of the Sadili Staff members) puts it. I have also got a chance to meet different people and have learnt to appreciate them.
Dr. Liz Odera has become my role model. She is works very hard to ensure that things are on track. Besides she is a sports woman and very flexible, she never stays idle!
I will be in Girl Power forever because I believe the power is in me. Again from the most inner soul of me I say thank you very much for the opportunity to serve other girls. I took a chance, trusted, received support, and the result were amazing!"

Bella, we are proud of your progress and wish you all the best in College!

 Story compiled by                                                    Story Edited and Approved by
Jayoung Naphtalie Margaret                                      Dr. Liz Odera
Project Assistant                                                         Programme Director
Girl Power Clubs Africa                                             Sadili Oval Sports Academy