Tuesday, December 20, 2011


With the coming of international professionals in Mordern Dance, Yoga and Ballet, Rebecca Eve Woods (USA) and Ofelia Loret De Mola (Canada) to Sadili jut before Christmas 2011, children and the public alike were agog with excitement!
They worked dedicatedly for a week with an average of 52 children every day between 3 to 18 years of age, and every part of the centre vibrated with drumming and dancing. The Rebecca and Ofelia taught kids from the slums Modern dance, learnt our local songs and found unique ways of teaching Life Skills through their dances.

On final day we had the dance taken to Kibera where the Children demonstrated their dances and took opportunity to teach others in the slums the same. We all clearly enjoyed having them around..."Our steps were all turned to their dancing mood, I tried hard not to forget the every step I learnt!" Elizabeth Atieno exclaimed eagerly.

Leaving was the hardest thing imaginable, many of the kids cried, and only let the ladies go when they were told that they would come back agin soon..we hope they will.

Check out these fantastic videos on the Dance Camp!


Saturday, December 10, 2011


Teachers in a group lifeskill session

Yes! Teachers too undergo training!
In December 2012 the patrons of the respective Girl Power Clubs gathered at Sadili Oval Sports Academy for the last session of their training for Women's Sports Coaching Certificate. This follows another group of sessions that were held between 15th and 19th August 2011 at the Malezi College.
The course, which was closely supervised by Lecturer, Linda Swaga of Malezi College Sports Department, covered tennis, soccer, netball and basketball disciplines as well as specialist areas like sports nutrition on aspects of team management, reproductive health and the psychology of coaching girls. The course brought together 15 lady teachers, including those from Sadili, Maono Educational Centre, Malezi School, Langata High School, Ngara Girls High School, Holy Unity, Muslim Academy and Bible Baptist School. The completion of the course was marked by a prestigious Certificate issuance ceremony that was attended by Girl Power Clubs Africa director, Dr. Elizabeth Odera, who expressed her pleasure at helping more ladies become sports coaches in the country

Dr. Odera in discussion with patrons

Learning Basketball Skills


Shooting The Right Way

In Theory Class

Friday, December 2, 2011


Holiday Camp time people!
Girl Power Clubs Africa run a sports camp for both boys and girls dubbed Girl Power - Boys 2 Men Sports Camp. The one week long December camp saw an average turn out of at least 70 teenagers a day who came to Sadili Oval Sports Academy; had them trained in Tennis, Basket Ball, Base Ball , Touch Rugby and a daily dose of very lively Life Skills sessions had the young stars busy for half the day ending with lunch before they went home.
Attending to them were 6 Tennis coaches, 2 Life skills speakers, 2 Rugby coaches, 7 Base ball coaches and  3 Project Assistants. We got a chance to address a number of criticall issues facing the children including hygine for the younger ones to relationships for the teens...it was fun listening to the many misconcptions they had being clarified to them.

Looking forward to another joint Holiday Camp in December 2012!