Tuesday, December 20, 2011


With the coming of international professionals in Mordern Dance, Yoga and Ballet, Rebecca Eve Woods (USA) and Ofelia Loret De Mola (Canada) to Sadili jut before Christmas 2011, children and the public alike were agog with excitement!
They worked dedicatedly for a week with an average of 52 children every day between 3 to 18 years of age, and every part of the centre vibrated with drumming and dancing. The Rebecca and Ofelia taught kids from the slums Modern dance, learnt our local songs and found unique ways of teaching Life Skills through their dances.

On final day we had the dance taken to Kibera where the Children demonstrated their dances and took opportunity to teach others in the slums the same. We all clearly enjoyed having them around..."Our steps were all turned to their dancing mood, I tried hard not to forget the every step I learnt!" Elizabeth Atieno exclaimed eagerly.

Leaving was the hardest thing imaginable, many of the kids cried, and only let the ladies go when they were told that they would come back agin soon..we hope they will.

Check out these fantastic videos on the Dance Camp!


Saturday, December 10, 2011


Teachers in a group lifeskill session

Yes! Teachers too undergo training!
In December 2012 the patrons of the respective Girl Power Clubs gathered at Sadili Oval Sports Academy for the last session of their training for Women's Sports Coaching Certificate. This follows another group of sessions that were held between 15th and 19th August 2011 at the Malezi College.
The course, which was closely supervised by Lecturer, Linda Swaga of Malezi College Sports Department, covered tennis, soccer, netball and basketball disciplines as well as specialist areas like sports nutrition on aspects of team management, reproductive health and the psychology of coaching girls. The course brought together 15 lady teachers, including those from Sadili, Maono Educational Centre, Malezi School, Langata High School, Ngara Girls High School, Holy Unity, Muslim Academy and Bible Baptist School. The completion of the course was marked by a prestigious Certificate issuance ceremony that was attended by Girl Power Clubs Africa director, Dr. Elizabeth Odera, who expressed her pleasure at helping more ladies become sports coaches in the country

Dr. Odera in discussion with patrons

Learning Basketball Skills


Shooting The Right Way

In Theory Class

Friday, December 2, 2011


Holiday Camp time people!
Girl Power Clubs Africa run a sports camp for both boys and girls dubbed Girl Power - Boys 2 Men Sports Camp. The one week long December camp saw an average turn out of at least 70 teenagers a day who came to Sadili Oval Sports Academy; had them trained in Tennis, Basket Ball, Base Ball , Touch Rugby and a daily dose of very lively Life Skills sessions had the young stars busy for half the day ending with lunch before they went home.
Attending to them were 6 Tennis coaches, 2 Life skills speakers, 2 Rugby coaches, 7 Base ball coaches and  3 Project Assistants. We got a chance to address a number of criticall issues facing the children including hygine for the younger ones to relationships for the teens...it was fun listening to the many misconcptions they had being clarified to them.

Looking forward to another joint Holiday Camp in December 2012!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Wangari Mathai: 1940 - 2011
19 trees from the Sadili Oval Sports Academy nursery and distributed to the Girl Power Club Affiliate schools to be planted not only to conserve the environment but also to honor the life of the green belt icon the Late Wangari Maathai (1940-2011), whose efforts in championing for conservation of the environment made her the first African Woman to ever to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The activity, which was observed with the simplicity that was her life, ensured that every school out of the 8 that participated, planted at least 2 trees within their premises in an effort to
keep her legacy alive.
The following schools are credited with heeding this call
and planting trees in celebrating her life included:
1. Huruma Girls High School
2. Muslim Girls High School
3. Parklands Arya Girls High School
4. Ngara Girls High School
5. Buruburu Girls High School
6. Kenya High School
7. Karen C Secondary School
8. St. Georges’ High School

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Diana's Story


Many girls especially those from the slum areas and some times those of the middle class society, do face some form of abuse, rejection, betrayal, negative peer presure, lack avenues where they could channel their energies to. They also lack some safe haven where they could run to for help and end up getting rejected and ridiculed by those they love and loved and literary they turn a disgrace and societal rejects within their own communities. They hurt and hope for better lives if only.....they could get help, some skills and a chance too! Some have risen above those problems and now plunge ahead in life having seen both sides, they tell their stories...such is the story of one Diana Ambasha. Raised by her grandmmother after death of her mother at age 8. Never knew the man who sired her but was greatful to have a loving grandmother who cared much and made effort to school her. Talented in football, she joined a local team in the Kibera slum where she was born and raised. At age 16, she got pregnant and the man responsible took off. Diana had just competed her Primary School. Disappointed grandmother decided to chase her for fear of what her neighbours will say especially after the man responsible took off. Troubled Diana's freinds had deserted her....she turned into a laughing stock and soon closed in her self and never left the house from which, she was now being away kicked from. Through Sisterhood World Cup 2010, which she played in, we came to know of her. We heard her story and did a follow up. Making endless visits even on muddy days into the slums of Kibera, talking to both grandmother and granddaughter untill they were able to accept the situation and embrace each other. The two are now great freinds and Diana brought fourth a beautiful baby boy to whom we took donated baby clothes and got her a few basics. Diana is now back to school and has joined high school, with the help of Dr. Liz Odera. Beautiful and happy as never before, Diana is back to the pitch playing for her school team Malezi and Sadili's Sport for Life - Girls team!!! Plays any position except she says dont give her the goal post. Dreaming big, Diana says she has seen a new light and is thankful to Girl Power Clubs Africa and her hero Dr. Liz Odera for taking her back to school and will never disappoint,only do her best.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Creative Beadwork Workshop Launched

 Beadwork is an art that pervades all African culture and offers an opportunity for girls to be creative, but also gain self esteem as they begin to earn a living from it. The main aim of the activity was to be able to create in order to sell or present authentic bead art to visitors and seek potential donors, who can give seed money that could grow the business in Girl Power Clubs. Girl Power Club Director, Dr. Li Odera purchased the first beads and other material required to start the work, after girls expressed a burning desire to engage in creative work, especially during the holidays to keep them busy.

The girls managed to make 35 pieces all together with 25 of them getting the nod while the rest were sent back for retouching. It was not a very easy job as exhibited by the end product. The virtues learnt by the participants were creativity ,patience, understanding, love and passion in every piece created.

Perhaps this could be a good business idea? Let the girls decide!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Girl Power Moves from the Slum to Hospitals

Hospital Visits
Girl Power Club members from the Kibera Slums visited Mbagathi District Hospital which is Kenya's referral hospital for infectious diseases to spend time with people suffering from HIV/AIDS to help give them hope. 
Among the lessons the girls learned included the circumstances within which the patients contracted the virus, how it felt to be HIV positive, techniques on staying safe and free from infections, how to approach life after being infected and all the important home-based care norms.
Here is one of the girls in response to a question asked by Maxi Agusta, one of the Girl Power Program Assistants: "Its easier to talk about STIs and HIV/AIDS, but it is a different reality when you actually get to see the real picture.”

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Holy Unity once again proved their worth, taking the top award for the second term running, with a 6-5 score aginst Mashimoni.

Holy Unity, Chamrec, Buruburu, Nazarene, Mashimoni, Muslim
Pool A
Chamrecc vs Buruburu  4 -6
Chamrecc vs Holy Unity 4 -2
Holy Unity vs Buruburu 3 -2

Pool B
Nazarene vs Muslim 4 5
Mashimoni vs Nazerene 5 3
Muslim vs Mashimoni 5 6

Buruburu vs Mashimoni
Holy Unity vs Muslim

Holy Unity vs Mashimoni 6 5

Top Scorers
Debra Andisi scored 4 for Holy Unity
Faith Awuor 2 for Holy Unity
Justin Ngati scored 3 for Mashimoni
Rebecca Murandi scored 2

Basketball was the most popular, with four pools. Awards were divided into Clubs and Schools, mainly due to age variation. ANU won for Clubs while Buruburu Girls lifted the Schools Award
Buruburu A and Buruburu B, Malezi, Africa Nazarene University (ANU), Kayole Academy,Safe Spaces A and Safe Spaces B, Ngara Girls, Precious Blood, Langata High, Jomo Kenyatta University (JKUAT), Moi Girls
Pool A     
Buruburu B vs Malezi 8 to 10
Buruburu B vs Safe Spaces 10 to 9
Malezi vs Safe spaces 12 to 6
Pool B
Langata vs Ngara 12 to 4
Langata  vs Precious Blood 11 to 9
Ngara vs Precious Blood 5 to 9
Pool C
Buruburu  A vs Moi girls 15 to 7
Buruburu A vs Kayole Academy 10 to 4
Moi girls vs Kayole Academy 11 to 6
JKUAT vs Safe Spaces A 8 to 6
JKUAT vs ANU 15 to 12
Safe Spaces A vs ANU 12 to 10

Malezi vs Langata 12 to 8
Buruburu vs Safe Spaces 10 to 15

Safe Spaces vs ANU 8 to 10 (clubs)
Malezi vs Buruburu 10 to 12 ( schools)

Clubs - ANU
Schools - Buruburu

Clubs - Safe Spaces A
Schools - Malezi

Sadili Girls Club lifted the Soccer Trophy after beating Buruburu Girls 2 -1 in the finals

Buruburu, Sadili Girls Club, Holy Unity, Barcelona, Muslim, Chamrec.

Buruburu vs Barcelona 2 to 0
Buruburu vs Holy Unity 1 to 1
Barcelona vs Holy Unity 1 to 2

Muslim vs Chamrec 1 to 0
Sadili vs Muslim 2 to  0
Sadili vs Chamrec 1 to 0

Buruburu vs Holy Unity 1 to 0
Sadili Girls Club vs Muslim 2 to 1

Buruburu vs Sadili 0 to 2. Sadiili Girls Club won the Match.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


The Girl Power Clubs had a special opportunity to learn
about the Kenya's Constitution and how to take advantage of it, at an open conference for teenage boys and girls held at Sadili Oval Sports Academy.
The boys were also given the chance to speak out and be heard and in so doing, promoting gender sensitivity and equality. The conference also acted as a platform for the launch of the BOYS 2 MEN INITIATIVE which has recorded massive improvement in its registration since.

Participants learned about the work of the newly created positions
in the lines of the senate government and devolution, both new aspects that grace the pages of the newly enacted constitution. It is also important to note that the young enthusiasts in attendance
were also equipped with preparation skills in dealing with the coming general elections in 2013. Since the 2007 post election violence, when the country had been torn apart along ethnic lines, efforts towards national healing have always been pooled together among different social classes. This conference, which was held by Girl Power Clubs, in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation's PLDP and Women Win, delivered much needed lessons in ethnic co-existence and national cohesion. The attendees who came from different secondary schools had their own unique stories with regard to the atmosphere surrounding the events during and after the elections, when the country was in the doldrums
All youth pledged to continue with the healing process in their communities and that each one will see the country hold free, fair and peaceful elections come 2012.
Special thanks go to Sadili Oval, the Girl Power Clubs, Women Win, PLDP and Dr. Liz Odera for bringing together the 46 boys and 62 girls in an interactive and highly informational conference.

Girl Power Clubs Start Business Competition

Girls listen attentively
The noblest of all ideas to have ever come into reality in the Girl Power Program is the Entrepreneurship vision, with initial support from Women Win and Platinum Credit, in what is a trial run. The business competition was initiated with an aim of teaching and instilling self financial sustenance within young girls and at the same time have entrepreneurial skills embedded in the minds of the young girls. Platinum Credit was on hand, led by their CEO, Brette Sievewright to offer financial advice and teaching to the young entrepreneurs. Out of the 12 schools that handed in and defended their business proposals, 9 schools won cash loans to facilitate start of their businesses.
Platinum CEO, Mr Brette Sievewright
1. Universal Primary– proposed opening a snacks shop received ksh. 7000.00
2. Karen C’s beadwork,crotchet, cardmaking and poultry keeping proposal received ksh. 7000.00
3. Holy Unity– Proposed selling stationery and received ksh. 7000.00
4. Maono Educational Centre– received ksh. 5000.00 for selling sanitary towels, stationery,snacks and soft drinks
5. Malezi Secondary school received Ksh. 5000 for their idea involving the selling of confectionery and snacks
6. Huruma High School received Ksh.7000.00 for their venture in beadwork and card– making
7. Malezi Middle School-proposed a confectionery and stationery business and were granted ksh. 5000.00
8. Shalyne Academy– proposed a unique groceries venture and won ksh. 3000.00
9. Muslim Girls Secondary School received ksh. 5000.00 to start a juice making and confectionery business

It is worth reporting that the projects are growing to fruition as some schools have been able to return the wholeamounts loaned to them. An indicator of flourishing business.