Saturday, April 20, 2013

Goal Training Celebration Week A Success!

Girl Power Clubs Africa is now proud to pronounce our own first group of Goal Champions! Girl Power Clubs Africa made a mark in its training history by training its first group of ''Goal Champions'' this April through a Training of Trainers Workshop. 34 young girls aged between 10 and 20 years attended the workshop, to learn, share and gain more knowledge in order to be better equipped  when training other girls.
Goal Training of Trainers
The Goal Project, a joint project in Kenya with Women Win, Standard Chartered and DFID,  empowers girls by giving them the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Programme is organised in three components: Personal Empowerment, Social Empowerment and Economic Empowerment, and has four modules:
1. Be Yourself
Jayoung, Welcome to Training of Trainers
2. Be Healthy
3. Be Empowered
4. Be Money Savvy
Girl Power's Project Assistant/M&E officer; who is also one of the first three Goal Champions, Jayoung Naphthalie Margaret, was our main facilitator for Goal Training, and did an inspirational job. She is also former participant in Girl Power.

The 34 Girls are now equipped with enough knowledge to facilitate similar training within their own schools and club sessions.

Digital Story Telling
"A girls's story is best told by she herself, in her own voice, the way she wants it.... " Says Hazel May, "her story is a powerful tool and her voice is the commanding media. Every girl's got a story, her life and it needs to be told whenever she is ready to tell it".
Hazel May is another of Girl Power's Project Assistants, and a graduate of Girl Power Program in high schools.
Hazel ,welcome to DST
DST share together
Hazel partnered with Girl Power's amazing coach and Goal Champion Mary Florence to run a Digital Story Telling Training for 6 Goal Champions, teaching them how to write, read, record and edit their stories. It was an extremely emotional week for the girls , as they talked about themselves. You will be seeing some of these stories (only from the ones that have signed a consent form to permit us to share them) soon on our online media, Africa Sports TV, face book and twitter handle links.
Goal Champ Eunice- Ice breaker time!
Trainers go Train 18th - 20th of April, 2013.
Goal Champs Shantel & Natalie Leading
After two day of rigorous of training, it was time for fun and laughter as girls expressed themselves through acting, drawing , discussions and games. The new TOT graduates  led four Goal sessions under the proud and watchful eye of their trainers. The girls showed their sharpened leadership skills in how they organised themselves and successfully lead sessions for 47 other girls!
Goal Champs lead discussions

Art, Girls Map resources
available in their community

Goal Champ, Benerdete
receives her cert

 Closing day 20th April 2013
DST Participant, Elizabeth
receives her cert
On Saturday girls gathered to have general reflection, reviewed their sessions, showed their talent as they danced, sang, performed rap and played games together. The session led by Girl Power volunteers Bella Achieng' and Diana Amollo. Each girl was awarded with certificates, as they shared lunch together and went home.
Things To Consider For the Future
Girls in the program are in school, and finding ways to advise them on how to balance their education, sports and club activities is important. Those involved in DST must sign a consent form and feel confident that we shall abide by their request that only stories they feel comfortable to share shall be shared with their rights preserved.

Our Special thanks goes to:
All the 34 Goal Champions for turning up...You are now our very first Goal champions and we are more
than proud of you! 47 participants in Training of Trainers and 6 in
First DST
First Goal Champs 
Digital Story telling! More thanks goes to our Mentor and Founder Dr. Liz for the great support, the amazing kitchen staff lead by Jane, Maureen, Coach Flo & Eve, guys responsible for captain orders, the cleaning team, our readers and Facebook friends who have been constantly following our updates!
We really appreciate  the volunteer work from Vellectar Ndevani, Ann Claire and Mary Ngina as well as Diana & Bella.
Patrons of the following schools were very supportive: Malezi High School, Malezi Primary, Huruma Girls School, Karen ''C'' Secondary, Langata Barracks High School, Nazarene School, Holy Unity Secondary, St. Patricks School and Olympic Secondary.
Those who wished to be there but did not make it, try again next time!
Also to our special visiting guest from KNSDP: Terry, thanks for spending the final day with us!
And, we of course appreciate our facilitators, Hazel, Coach Flo & Jayoung for working tirelessly in preparing for the week. Women Win and DFID continue to d a great job by training and supporting the Goal Project and we say thank you for including our organization.

Hey ladies, we could not be this good without all of you!
Thank you.

Story done by,
Jayoung Naphtalie Margaret,
Project Assistant/ M&E officer

Story edited by: Dr. Liz Odera, Founder and Mentor

Pictures courtesy of 
Sadili Camera team
Coach Flo, Hazel
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