Sunday, October 30, 2011


Wangari Mathai: 1940 - 2011
19 trees from the Sadili Oval Sports Academy nursery and distributed to the Girl Power Club Affiliate schools to be planted not only to conserve the environment but also to honor the life of the green belt icon the Late Wangari Maathai (1940-2011), whose efforts in championing for conservation of the environment made her the first African Woman to ever to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The activity, which was observed with the simplicity that was her life, ensured that every school out of the 8 that participated, planted at least 2 trees within their premises in an effort to
keep her legacy alive.
The following schools are credited with heeding this call
and planting trees in celebrating her life included:
1. Huruma Girls High School
2. Muslim Girls High School
3. Parklands Arya Girls High School
4. Ngara Girls High School
5. Buruburu Girls High School
6. Kenya High School
7. Karen C Secondary School
8. St. Georges’ High School

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Diana's Story


Many girls especially those from the slum areas and some times those of the middle class society, do face some form of abuse, rejection, betrayal, negative peer presure, lack avenues where they could channel their energies to. They also lack some safe haven where they could run to for help and end up getting rejected and ridiculed by those they love and loved and literary they turn a disgrace and societal rejects within their own communities. They hurt and hope for better lives if only.....they could get help, some skills and a chance too! Some have risen above those problems and now plunge ahead in life having seen both sides, they tell their stories...such is the story of one Diana Ambasha. Raised by her grandmmother after death of her mother at age 8. Never knew the man who sired her but was greatful to have a loving grandmother who cared much and made effort to school her. Talented in football, she joined a local team in the Kibera slum where she was born and raised. At age 16, she got pregnant and the man responsible took off. Diana had just competed her Primary School. Disappointed grandmother decided to chase her for fear of what her neighbours will say especially after the man responsible took off. Troubled Diana's freinds had deserted her....she turned into a laughing stock and soon closed in her self and never left the house from which, she was now being away kicked from. Through Sisterhood World Cup 2010, which she played in, we came to know of her. We heard her story and did a follow up. Making endless visits even on muddy days into the slums of Kibera, talking to both grandmother and granddaughter untill they were able to accept the situation and embrace each other. The two are now great freinds and Diana brought fourth a beautiful baby boy to whom we took donated baby clothes and got her a few basics. Diana is now back to school and has joined high school, with the help of Dr. Liz Odera. Beautiful and happy as never before, Diana is back to the pitch playing for her school team Malezi and Sadili's Sport for Life - Girls team!!! Plays any position except she says dont give her the goal post. Dreaming big, Diana says she has seen a new light and is thankful to Girl Power Clubs Africa and her hero Dr. Liz Odera for taking her back to school and will never disappoint,only do her best.