Saturday, February 6, 2010

Teachers Preparation Workshop

Letters had been sent to about 18 schools two  weeks prior to the day of the workshop and frequent follow ups were being done, through personal visits to the schools and phone calls. On the day of the workshop, teachers began trickling as early as 8am, and by around 9.30, a reasonable number had turned up.
Majourie Ingati
Huruma Girls
Mary Musyoka
Maono educational Center
Miriam Sogo
Karen ‘c’ Secondary
Catherine Wambui
Zeylnn Academy
Christine Achieng
Holy Unity Academy
Minica Amimo
Universal Primary
Cylvia Lyavule
Shalynn Academy
Eunice Lukeya
Shalynn Academy
Christine Odhiambo
Malezi  Middle School
Lillian Okiya
Baptist School
Everlynn Muhonja
Mashimoni  Sq. primary
Jacklinne Mukhwana
Chamrecc  School
Amagove Edith
Ujamaa Christian Based school
Lydiah Awinja
Imaani Jeere Primary
Adhiambo Julie
Nazareene Primary

Mrs. Muriuki
Parklands Arya School
Jalia MbogO
Buru Buru High school

The workshop was officially opened by the Project Manager of the Girl Power clubs, Dr. Liz Odera, who welcomed the guests to Sadili Oval. Dr. Odera laid out the agenda for the year 2010, and what the programme hoped the Girl Power Clubs in the respective schools would achieve.
·         The Patrons of the Girl Power clubs in each school were to be chosen.
·         Registration of the school clubs, where we would collect and record personal information on each student from each school.
·         Initiate a project each term for the girls, where they would be able to meet at least once a week, to discuss topics of importance, which adversely  affect them in society.

·         Choose a sport for each school, to try develop the already existing ones, initiate new ones and encourage the girls to participate.
·         Soccer
·         Basketball
·         Netball
·         Volleyball
·         Lawn Tennis

·         Select a championship day where the girls from the various girl power clubs would have the opportunity to meet, socialize, and compete. The patrons would agree on the dates more convenient for all of them and one final date would be set.

·          Organize a leadership training camp for the Girl Power club Patrons. Proposed dates were 7th and 8th April 2010.

Topics Discussed at the workshop:
·         3 Things that only feel like love.
·         Tips for staying safe while having fun.
·         Virginity –fact or fiction.
·         How to know if you are really in love.
·         How to say NO to sex.
·         True love waits.