Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014 Activity Report

In Ugenya the school visits began the 12th of May and the schools were visited and had their sessions with Emma Ochieng who has been guiding them through the sessions and following is her weekly report compiled.

Date: 12th May 2014
Time : 4.00 pm - 4.49pm Topic covered : communication
Concepts of Communication
Types of communication
1. Verbal communication
2. Non verbal 
Involved  girls in two games;
1.They pair then one partner talks to the other using signs.
later on the partner will tell loudly what  the signs meant.
2.Whisper game, while sited in a circle the first girl whispers a sentence and its passed round up to the last person who will speak out the we compare with what the
first girl whispered  initially.
General questions asked by the girls and answered were:
1. Are there safe days in the menstrual cycle?
2. The safe days are limited in menstrual cycle because ovulation may be twice a month
so its easier to think that you are not safe from pregnancy and not HIV.

TIME: 3.50PM-4.30PM

Discussed on the concepts of communication
The types of communications
 That is verbal and non verbal communication
We had two games
1. communicating using signs
2. communicating  using vocals
When using signs the girls paired and without talking they communicated.
In the second game the first girl in a queue whisper a sentence and its passed on upto
the last person they  then compared if they differ .the girls enjoyed the games.
Questions asked by the girls and answered were:
1. Do ARVs CURE babies who are born HIV positive?
No it does not but rather suppresses the strength of the virus that is viral load.
2. Does a woman get pregnant  immediately she begins her menses  for the first time?
Of course the first ovulation can make conception  occur.

Challenge was that two of the girls have gone to other schools the patron has not given replacements

Date :14/5/2014
Time: 4.00pm -4.50pm
Topic covered: Communication and Netball

Began with the concepts of communication by defining it.
Secondly we described and explained the two main types of communication: verbal and non verbal. The girls used games to  internalize the concepts (goal activity guide page 20 and 22)
Joined the girls in the netball pitch for encouragement  they made the patron happy because  are Ugunja District  champions. This club is good we spent more time together.          

Questions asked  by the girls (not answered as time was limited)
1. How can a girl manage a relationship with a boyfriend and not engage in sexual intercourse?
2. How does discordant couples get HIV – child and the other partner is also negative?
3. How can l deal with menstrual cramps to reduce pain?
Ref: Goal Module 1
Challenge: Not all girl are  playing netball so had to do both discussion and sports tiresome but  so good.
Date : 15th May 2014
Topic covered: Sports Only
The girls were involved in athletics  together with the patron they were choosing  girls who will
Represent the school in the zone.
Athletics made the girls social exercise and realize their talents.
We encouraged the girls to have team work and unity that is in relay they must be 5 agree on how to take the race.
Challenge: the  girls are shy because they lack  the required games kit

Date :16th may 2014
Time :4.30pm-5.30pm
Topic covered: communication
Visited the girl club and discussed the concepts.
Definition  of communication
Types of communication 
1. verbal
2. non verbal
Distortion of messages  and reasons .
Involved girls in games (ref goal bk pg 20 & 22)
How does one cope up with stubborn parent (drunkard)?
How l can tell someone l don’t love him?
Challenge ;none

Date: 21-5-2014
Topic: communication

Discussed about the types of communication, involved the girls in focus group discussion then each group gives its points.the girls also got engaged in whisper game(goal module 1 pg  22.) to bring out the concept of distortion of messages while communicating .questions asked were  basically on menstruation .the girls got relevant answers .we decided to be meeting on  Thursaday .they got a new identification (crown girls).

Date: 22-5-2014
Time :4.00pm-5.00pm

Visited the girls and found them rehearsing for the upcoming atheletics  completion  in the zone. the challenge is the girls dont have games attire thus they get embarrassed and shy off.
They all agreed the games make them lively and break class monotony.
All members were 
present.  to be meeting on Tuesday.

Date: 26-5-2014
Time: 4.00pm -5.30pm

Topics :know yourself, whom am l? ,who is a role model? ,who is my role model?
Started off by energize(balancing the ball).
Went on to define the terms in the topics.
Gave the  girls a chance to write down who their role model is and why they have chosen them. Each girl read out aloud and we all appreciated  each other .then engaged in poem recitation and shairi.
Challenges :at times  they use club time for preps.  

Date:27- 5- 2014
Topic: Ball games
Time: 4.10pm-5.00pm

Visited the girls  at sch. They were involved in friendly  matches in volleyball and netball with the neighbouring school(Luanda kothieno) were  the opponents. most of the girls were players the rest gave support and morale.

Challenge:    Prepared for discussing the patron didn’t communicate before had to fit in the new programme .

Date: 29 - 5- 2014
GOT OSIMBO GIRLS (crown hill girls)
Time:4.00pm- 5.00pm

They participated in ball games  and reciting of  poems/singing in readiness for upcoming District(zonal) competitions the following week..
Planned and agreed to meet the girls on Sunday  1st june to support them in poem rehearsal.
Challenge: the girls are in other clubs thus the meetings and activity collide


In the month of May ,activities from Nairobi began on the 8th of May with the making and arranging of programmes as well as contacting patrons on term dates and event dates. First visit was made to Holy Unity Primary , High School and St. Catherines by goal champion Caroline on the 12th of May . Caroline will be taking the three schools through the sessions during her spare time and we shall monitor and visit the three schools as often as we can and keep communications open with the patrons to this schools. From her visit and calls to patrons the following issues and request did arise.
1.     Patrons would like to have the terms letters before they confirm the their term dates
2.     They hope to see us more frequent and often for sessions
3.     In some of the schools some of the sessions felt like regular classes and they hoped we might be able to make them less obvious and monotonous for the girls.
In response to the above ,Jayoung Project Assistant for Girl Power  did draft  letters which were approved by Dr. Liz and the letters delivered to the schools together with the help of Caroline. Following this, Jayoung did make visits to all the schools that are on the programme this term in three days with the exception to Holy Unity Primary , Secondary and St. Catherine which will be visited later to be able to talk to the patrons and girls personally and check school programmes as most have indicated they are participating in both Athletics , drama and music festivals as this will be helpful in giving a general idea of how and where to place programmes esp if the programmes involve the girls leaving their schools to meet at Sadili or elsewhere and the following are notes from the visit.

27Th May 2014
Patron in charge: Mr. Charles
At Nazarene, we were received by Mr. Charles who did let me they have not yet received term’s letter apart from my communications and follow ups on phone and appreciated the visit as then we can map a general way forward. He mentioned that they are new girls that have joined (whose names he gave) in replacement of those transferred and others who just wanted to be part of team.  
The school has its club meetings on Wednesdays from 3:10 to 4pm however for that week their meeting will be on Thursday as the school is involved in this term’s sports activities and were going for a Ligi Ndogo competition. He also mentioned they have not met this term as they had inter-school joint exams , AGMS , PTAs and he and other teachers had to go out to invigilate however as from June they expect club activities to run normally. The school’s mid-term dates are not yet settled but they close on the 8th of August.

27th May 2014 & 28Th May
Patron in Charge: Mr. George
Chairlady/Goal Champion: Jemimah
On the first visit , I managed to speak to the girls’ chair and was received by Mr. Willis a teacher in the school.  She mentioned that some of their trained goal champions transferred last term and they had a couple of activities in the school, some of the topics were unclear and had no clear meeting dates. They would sometimes meet on Mondays and hope to have it as their permanent day. I requested that they put a summary of the topics done and what was unclear that I would collect the next day and should be stumped by the school as well as a new name list of girls in the club this term.
Their mid terms are between 5th and 9th of June and close on the 8th of August.  On the second visit I met Mr. George who apologised that they were not able to participate fully in our activities. They used to meet on Mondays but there’s a new programme involving the entire school and they will communicate a new day on phone and prepare reports so that I can know where they are and hopefully participate better this term.

27th May 2014
Patron in Charge: Mr. Manono
Here I was received by the school principal who called Mr. Manono teacher in charge to attend to me. He confirmed to have received the letter communication sent through Caroline and was happy we visited so that they can tell us their expectations and their challenges.
1.     He would like to get letters from us instead of texts unless reminders this is for office filling and thus the girls can easily be released whenever the school programme allows
2.     He would like to see more of us in their sessions and if possible atleast every week even if its different people in the event the days clush with other schools which will mean none of the schools looses out as he is also in charge of many other clubs three other girl clubs apart from girl power and if we can often be there it would even improve participation from the girls  Hoped for quick replacement of the previous girls so that they can have frequent visits.
3.      That we provide incentives like sanitary towels, biro pens, note books as they came from places where this essentials as hard to get. Other Girl Clubs do provide that atleast once a while  and if we can do something similar the girls will be happier.
4.     He has around 30 girls on the Girl Power programme and will prepare the full list so that we may have it in the next meeting.
5.     He mentioned that Saturday programmes are tricky for them to attend in large numbers. The girl power girls are mostly boarders and part of the school choir and for Church  services that they attend and that cannot be interrupted maybe just a few girls.
In general the teacher was very receptive and was happy to share the above information for the best of the girls in the programme from his school.

27/05/2014  and 28TH /05/ 2014
Patrons in charge: School Deputy, Mr ,.Orao,(coach) and Mr. Tony Coach
At Olympic High I met the girls out in practice and watched them practice as I awaited for any of the coaches to be free.  Handed them the letters and term’s programme.  Afterwhich the school Principal Mr. Okumu who was also observing the girls practice while he corrects them and encourages them on field, did do an interview on the importance of girl power programmes to the girls which he captured on video with a background of the girls playing. (He promised to email the clip soon). In the interview he did site a few important facts about the girls to which I answered with regards to the role of girl power to each of those points
1.     They are majorly girls who were ‘’academic rejects’’ because they did not reach the cut off marks to enrol them to high school and no one had been willing to admit ‘’KCPE Failures’’ to their schools however this girls had special talents in football not found in many others around them
2.     They have been admitted from different parts of the country and in may cases they were the lone stars in those areas and often no one believed in them. –We encourage such talents and add life skills to it to which he replied that is excellent as his passion is to build character education and help this girls in the same
3.     Some playing the game not entirely because they had initially loved it but as an expression  -Girl power encourages this and teaches them Digital Story Telling eventually they will speak out
4.     Many of the girls cant afford fees or basic school needs…They may write to apply for scholarships if we have and also we teach them self dependence
5.      After form four what next? …we give them opportunities to be able to give back to their community by working in their areas of passion and get alittle allowance that they may use to meet a couple of their needs.
Generally the principal is very receptive of the programme and wants to see it make a difference in the girl’s life even after football.
On my second visit, I collected the name list of girls on programme this term and met coach Orao who shared ,more less the same of what the principal shared and did ask that we help the girls understand the importance of academic excellence as well as the sport. He also gave news of two other girls we have previously had in the programme one joining a football programme in the USA and the other going to soon play professional football in Germany. He would like to see the rest do similar things but also grasp value of education as he was disappointed that one was going to miss out on a full football scholarship to university for missing a few points from an aggregate of C which is quite basic however the girl is working on her football passion and will still travel though not on full scholarship. We still wish both well . He also would love to have joint sessions between his girls and the primary school ones..a thought that we had been exploring and glad it also .crossed his mind and will make future arrangements atleast for the both schools to meet atleast once or so per month.

28th /05/2014
Patron In charge: Tr. Sally
Here, the patron did receive us though she was in class so we had a brief meeting. She mentioned their school does not go on half term breaks, the girls are between class four and six and they have been meeting and girls have been very interested. They had not finished the previous sessions and will complete that one first. They had been meeting on Wednesdays but this term Fridays will be better for them now. The school is going for music , drama festivals and athletics.

Parton in Charge: Ms.
At Huruma, the Girls had a session on  rights  which I joined and their new patron was present. Girls shared their thoughts about rights and responsibilities as well as what they thought about current affairs affecting women and girls around the globe esp with regards to leadership and education .
The school has a new guide book that includes other sessions that are related to legal matters for example court processes and how to report things, their basic rights, dialogue and such which the patron promised to take them through and some of it requires use of computers and have a preloaded programme in their school computer lab. A few computer literate girls will be taught and they will act group leaders for the rest.
She also requested to have letters for any events outside the school to allow the school to plan for them to leave the school. If a letter is handed in by a student even if she is a senator or governor in the school it will not be acted upon.  She also extended her appreciation of the visit.

Suggestions :
Since the school is allowing the Girl Power Girls to use the computers lab and they have been hearing about DST and are curious…is it possible to train them on DST and the few that get trained may be DST trainers in our future holiday trainings. This means Flo will have to visit the school with me and talk to the admin so that we may have the programmes pre-loaded as well.

Patron in charge: Mrs. Masime
At Malezi the active girls are using a different approach in discussing topics. Most of this girls are not very familiar with English or comfortable to speak or discuss in it. Therefore we use Saturday mornings when they are not on tournaments from 10:30 am to 12 noon as library hours. Each of them picks a book and is required to read in a given time and at end of time each must share what they have read, note down difficult words which they will search in the week and make sentences which they have to recite in the next meeting. From their sharings each picks a lesson learnt and if and lesson learnt is in any of the sessions done in other girl teams then we discuss it in a way they might understand. From the first meeting, iv noted the following:
1.     Some have good reading speeds and memory and analyse the story really well and are very well expressive can make you feel you have read the story with them however they are not able to express themselves in the same language very well. Eg story in English is retold in Kiswahili..
2.     Some have little patience for reading and others fear volumes or books with smaller fonts
3.     Others have poor reading habits in that the use pen or fingers to along the line to read.
Though this method may be slow for them to complete sessions iv found it best way to also help them  as they will soon be able to communicate and gain interest for books and from own experience it will build their confidence participation in discussions both class and out and help their future trainers to easily understand and interact with them for one  since most are not Kenyan nationals most of the thinking is done in French first then translated to their Kiswahili before they can figure out how to explain it in a way they feel they can communicate with their recipient but the girls would turn out good in future.
Conclusion ,
The first visits to the schools though we only managed a session in one because of time , it had been important as we can see the real situation on the ground and get more helpful suggestions.

From Ugenya sessions have been in most cases consistent and well done.