Saturday, January 28, 2012

Girl Power Leadership Workshop


Girl leaders form different Girl Power Clubs meet at Sadili Oval Sports Academy's members lounge to mark the year's first girls meeting. The workshop whose purpose was to have the girls intodeuced to the year's activities and equipped with the necessarry skills needed to help them through leadership.

Vital skills such as servant leadership, the value of team work, communication,integrity, honesty and alot more was learnt.

Begining with a Health talk by Dr. Mwaka Mutsumi (one of our project assistants) followed by a movie session by JaYoung Naphtalie Margaret (our project assistant) where the girls watched an inspiring movie ''The Invictus'' which depicted one of Africa's greatest heros, Nelson Mandela and his term as president of South Africa. Helping the girls through the discussion session where important lessons were drawn was done by guest speaker,Ms.Pauline Nyawira and assisted by JaYoung Naphtalie Margaret.

The day climaxed with founder, Dr.Elizabeth Odera take the girls through introduction to ''I have A Ball'' as which was combined with one one health talk session with the help of Dr. Mwaka Mutsumi. Girls expressed their thoughts, shared their views, exchanged ideas and learnt of very many health facts and found clarification on many health topics in the focus topics of Menstration and Abortion and how girls are affected.

Ending the eventfull day were rules the girls came up with that would later guide them in their new competition ''I Have A Ball'', thereafter the girls were given new balls that they will use in their respective chosen sports, received their participation certificates and a group photo! This one day workshop also marked the begining of campaings for SISTERHOOD WORLD CUP 2012!

Friday, January 6, 2012

What Is ''I Have A Ball'' Campaign

"I Have A Ball is a unique way for girls to express themselves without fear for stigma and victimasition is through sports. They are encourages to find creative ways to do it, by expressing an important issue in their community, and it must be around a sport ball. The type of ball does not really matter, soccer, basketball, volleyball or tennis. "I Have A Ball" is one such initiative by Girl Power Clubs Africa where girls present life-skills in a ball game that they play as a team and highlight issues they face most, how it affects them, what can, should or wish could be done.

 Rules for participating in the competition.
 1. A ball must be part of the presentation
 2. The game must include 5 - 12 participants at maximum
 3. Parts of the game
       > Introduction 
       > Demonstration 
       > List of requirements
       > The act (sport or game), must show a life skill
       > Must show conclusion