Saturday, September 3, 2011

Creative Beadwork Workshop Launched

 Beadwork is an art that pervades all African culture and offers an opportunity for girls to be creative, but also gain self esteem as they begin to earn a living from it. The main aim of the activity was to be able to create in order to sell or present authentic bead art to visitors and seek potential donors, who can give seed money that could grow the business in Girl Power Clubs. Girl Power Club Director, Dr. Li Odera purchased the first beads and other material required to start the work, after girls expressed a burning desire to engage in creative work, especially during the holidays to keep them busy.

The girls managed to make 35 pieces all together with 25 of them getting the nod while the rest were sent back for retouching. It was not a very easy job as exhibited by the end product. The virtues learnt by the participants were creativity ,patience, understanding, love and passion in every piece created.

Perhaps this could be a good business idea? Let the girls decide!