Saturday, February 9, 2013

Girl Power Clubs Hold First Joint Workshop For 2013

This was our first workshop this year. We did an introduction to the Goal Programme to the girls. We also had life skills sessions where people shared a few aspects of life skills. The main purpose for this workshop was to launch our year’s theme ‘’I have a voice’’ and give an overview of what they expect to be doing this year and especially in the term.
Actual Report
The turnout was good, though not all member schools that were invited came for the workshop. Those in attendance were :
             1)  Nairobi Day Sec’ School - 28
             2) Huruma Girls Sec’ School - 12
             3) Olympic High School - 11
             4) Nazarene Pri School - 20
             5) Malezi High - 8
             6) Malezi Pri School -12
             7) Lang’ata Barracks -12
             8) Holy Unity Pri School -16
Total Attendance  119 girls and 10 patrons.
Those who gave an apology for not attending were Karen C High School, Parklands Arya Girls School and Muslim Girls Academy.
Maono Secondary School did not give an apology for not attending.
All those who came were accompanied by their respective patrons.

Participation and presentations
It was a very lively gathering as everyone participated without fear in all the activities we did. We had a programme that indicated an activity for each school which was to be presented. All schools did well in this segment specifically owing to the fact that they made prior preparations for their various presentations from skits to songs and dances depicting various things, effects of abortion to young girls, importance of health facilities, HIV and AIDS, importance of education to the Girl Child..

Time Management
The girls kept time as they came in due time for the workshop. Our programme also was in line with the time we had stipulated all through the day. However, lunch was slightly delayed and this was a set back for us in the afternoon as it interfered with our afternoon programme, forcing us to abscond doing the debate. It was a disappointment for the girls as well as the patrons but they took it in good stride.

Life Skills Session
We had a joint lifeskill session which was facilitated by one of the Sadili staff, Ms. Evelyne Guchura. The girls enjoyed it as they shared a few aspects if life skills. Also, we had some music and some dancing which we incorporated into our life skills session.

We provided lunch for the ones who were present. The food was enough for both the girls and their patrons. No complains were forwarded about the food
Girl Power did decide to award girls who did something extraordinary and positive in the workshop in the opinion of the rest of the participants. The girls gave names of the girls they felt deserved to be congratulated and had to give a reason for their selection.  8 girls were selected, 4 from high schools  Nairobi Day, Huruma Girls, Barracks and Olympic. 4 from primary, 2 Malezi girls , 1 Holy Unity and 1 Nazarene.  The girls were identified as; courageous, most impressive answers, great entertainer, best singer and best dancer. They received writing note pads and special pencils while the younger ones received a Barbie gift bag. And were all more than happy for their gifts as they didn’t expect any of it.

The girls and their patrons were informed of our new Kibera office and our intended plan including our sports evenings from 4-5 here at Sadili for which proper communication will be relayed  to their patrons as soon as possible. 
By the end of the day, we had done all that we needed to do. The girls learnt a lot of things all through the day and they were grateful for everything we offered and a day well spent. The workshop was successful and productive.

Report  compiled by

1.Hazel May
2. Jayoung Naphtalie Margaret
Project Assistant,
Girl Power Clubs Africa.

Sadili Oval Sports Academy.