Thursday, March 26, 2015

Girl Power Clubs Siaya County Emerging Issues Report: Feb-March 2015

Girl Power Clubs in Sigomre has been making slow but sure progress this term.  Due to a nationwide teachers strike that paralysed learning in all public schools in the country, many schools opened well into the new term, in early February. Having begun so late in the school term, the school administrations gave priority to catching up with the school syllabuses and curricula over other needs. Many extra-curricular activities were dropped except for those designated as a must by the Ministry of education. The exceptions were competitive inter-school sports tournaments, debates, science congress and drama. In the hurried and packed school timetables many head teachers were reluctant to assign time for student club activities this term even where these appeared on the timetables. A few of the teachers (thankfully vey few) appear to feel that Girl Power is an additional responsibility they can do without unless they receive compensation.

Mentoring of schoolgirls is almost totally ignored in many communities in Kenya, and although the ministry has included counselling in the curriculum in all schools in most cases it is given lip service and only applied on a case by case basis. In the hurried atmosphere that attended resumption of teaching in schools many teachers would rather give the time to remedial classes or sports. Sports usually wins out especially as the responsibility for this is delegated to a coach or sports teacher. Also parents pay for sports activities and expect value for themir money not to mention the fact that most students love sporting activities.

This term there have been a lot of interruptions that interfered with the seamless flow in Girl Power Club activities. Eleven schools in Sigomre Ward have Girl Power clubs, but three of them have yet to hold a Goal activity, especially the secondary schools. Examples are Tingare Secondary,  Moi Uloma, and Got Osimbo Girls. The first two are sport champions in the county while the second one being the only "girls only" boarding school in the constituency is under great pressure to better its academic performance and has embarked on an exam-oriented regime which has even affected sports. Our tactic in most cases has been to turn up anyway and teach a life skill during the sports session or to deliver more than one topic per session.

Despite this, more and more members of the community are eager that their daughters join the Clubs, especially since the girls are involved in sports activities. They say they have seen a positive impact that the sports and life skills activities have had on their daughters and would wish that the work continues. In fact at one public meeting called by the Chief parents wanted to know when Girl Power would start at their local primary and secondary school. There has also been an increase in the number of girls joining Girl Power and we have had to cap this at a maximum of 50 girls to allow for meaningful engagement, especially as use of English is a challenge especially in public primary schools here which begin learning the language only in Std 4. But our insistence on its use is beginning to bear fruit as more members are using it with improved confidence.

The boys of course are quite jealous and a few of the male teachers also  wonder why girls should receive special attention. Such teachers and headteachers have gone as far as using the Girl Power balls for the boys teams saying they are school property. This is the case in St Ignatius Sigomre Primary and in Ninga Primary. However Rome was not built in a day and the positive influence that Girl Power is exerting is changing the girls into questioning injustices and pushing for their rights. This has happened in Ninga Primary where the girls have insisted they too must be given time to play as a team on the soccer pitch and to use the Girl Power balls.

We are pushing on with the work and hope to have more sessions before schools get down to exams or close the term. We are staying positive as usual, because we are POWERFUL!

Maria Okong'o
Project Assistant
Girl Power Clubs Africa
Ugunja Constituency, Siaya County

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kibera Girls Run Excellent Sports Meet!

February ended on a great note with the Girl Power Clubs' Monthly Sports Day with over 300 girls from Olympic primary, Olympic high school, St. Catherine and Nazarine primary forming teams and getting a chance to exhibit their talents in rugby, netball, volleyball and soccer, while interacting with each other.  The patrons present (Mr. Orao from Oympic high, Mr. William Ochieng of St. Catherine and Mr. Charles of Nazarine Primary school. Mr. Ben Okoth of St .Catherine) had little to do as the girls took over the running of the day, from signing up entrants, forming the teams, teaching those who did not know how to play patiently and encouraging the shy girls to interact more. 

The girl leaders who both organized and refereed the sports were as follows:

Mary Bahati, Dorcas Kungu, Maria Wanjiru
Diana Kerubo, Sylvia Akoth, Sheila Sayo , Christine Kemunto
Sharon Juma(Rusha Vashnazi), Judith Atieno(Kroch) Zulea Achieng
Carlcy Hongo

The clubs were divided into teams with own chosen names and each team was expected to play all the sports.

Some of the scores are as shown in the table below.

4     -     5
3   -  0
1   -   0
0    -    1
2-  1
1-    7
2 - 0
8  - 12
0  - 4
1 -   1
4 -  5
0  - 1
0 - 1
48 POINTS     16 GOALS
36 POINTS     12 GOALS
39 POINTS     13 GOALS
9 POINTS        3 GOALS
117 POINTS   39  GOALS

February 2015 Coordinator Report

The month of February has been a very short and exciting month full of activities. The interns who joined us have been great assets to the club in enabling it run its activities. We managed to register the entire club member in different schools and we are looking forward to the next month’s activities.

Entrepreneurship To Launch in Siaya
The entrepreneurship project is to be launched on the 7th of March in Sigomre. The participants in this workshop are going to be around 50 pupils selected form all the Girl Power Clubs in Siaya site. We expect them to share the information they learn with the other club members and help them in managing their group projects. The survey conducted in January on this shows a positive outlook towards business and entrepreneurship.

During the visit to Sigomre in March, we are also expected to hold a talk in Got Osimbo girls on menstruation and over bleeding. This was a request by the patron of the club in this school, since there are very many cases of girls excessively bleeding during menstruation.  

Girl Power Clubs May Go To Busia!
We are progressing with plans to ensure that the new clubs in Busia are up and running. They have finished their registration and submitted the forms to us. They are ten new clubs in with twenty members each. We plan to visit the site and the schools soon. In this area we are partnering with an organization on the ground called HWAY (Helping Women and Youth). This organization focuses on children girls and youth, on two areas: disease and poverty eradication. Under poverty eradication they do fabric making, table banking, Poultry keeping, farming, and Mary go rounds. Mr. Bernard Wangira is the manager of the organization.

Improvement of Presentations In Sessions
The life skills session coverage is going on well although exams and midterm breaks are really affecting the sessions. The girls are enjoying the session a lot. Role play, group work and games are used to teach the sessions. This has led to a more interactive system of learning and the girls are really enjoying themselves a l

Kibera Girl Power Office Re-Opens For The Year
The Girl Power Club office in Kibera is operation. The Project Assistant and interns are on site every working day. We hope to have girls visit the office for sessions as we progress on.

Use Of Kibera Tennis and Sports Court
Regarding the tennis and sports court in kibera only one school that is Nazarine Primary has given dates that they will use the court. We are waiting for feedback from St. Catherine and Nairobi Day. Olympic primary, Olympic high school and Karen C have playing fields.

February Monthly Girl Power Clubs Sports Day
February ended on a great note with the Girl Power Club sports day.  All schools were invited and but three failed to come; Huruma girls, Karen C high school, Nairobi day. They informed us that they had ongoing exams. The schools that were present include Olympic primary, Olympic high school, St. Catherine and Nazarine primary.  The patrons present were Mr. Orao from Oympic high, Mr. William Ochieng of St. Catherine and Mr. Charles of Nazarine Primary school. Mr. Ben Okoth of St .Catherine came along with the patron from St. Catherine. We played four sports: touch rugby, football, netball and volleyball. These games were refereed by the girls themselves, which was an excellent leadership development.

Joy Akinyi
Project Coordinator
Girl Power Clubs Africa

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Entrepreneurship Survey: Siaya Girl Power Clubs

In January 2015, 101 girls from 7 Girl Power Clubs in Sigomre, Siaya County, answered questions in a survey that sought to know their understanding about business and their basic understanding about women's ability to run a business. These girls have been members of the Girl Power Clubs for the last one year, and it was hoped that they could now express themselves without fear or shyness.

This are the results of the survey.

Questions Asked in the survey:

Both boys and girls should have equal opportunities to become leaders in their communities .
I enjoy play sports, it make me healthy.
Business women are well respected.
Violence against girls and women is a problem in my community.
I would like to have a female mentor/counselor to whom I can turn to for help with a problem.
Women can do business alone without men.
I know where a health facility in my community is located.
I know a woman who runs a business well.
I am not able to cope with stress and difficult situations .
I live with both of my parents..
Having a business is possible for women.
I plan to continue with my education.
I would be willing to lead a community activity /event.
I believe I can run a business in the future.


This chart shows that a majority of the students agreed with the statements in the questionnaire

97% agree that both boys and girls should get a chance to be leaders.
92% enjoy sports and it makes them healthy but 3%do not.
62% believe business women are well respected while 17% do not.22% dont know
55%agree violence against women is a problem in the community, 22% disagree ,the rest do not know.
85% wish to have mentors, 22% dont , 7% are not sure.
79% agree that women can do business alone while 18%dont and 4% do not know.
8% do not know where health facilities are located, 80% do and the rest don’t understand.
67% know a woman who run a business well. 16%percent dont know. The rest are not sure
29% of the population are not able to cope with stress while 60% can.
34% of the girls do not live with their parents while 63% do.
80% of the girls believe its possible to own business as women while 8% don't, and 22% do not know.
97% of the girls wish to continue with their education while 2% dont and 1% are not sure.
90% are willing to lead in community events, 4% dont and 6% are not sure.
90% believe they can run businesses in the future 7% dont believe so and 3%are not sure.

Violence against women should be taught  since a good number seams not acknowledge  its in the community.
The number of students not living with their parents is considerable why is this so and is there an underlying problem?
Though insignificant, there still are a few girls who do not plan to further their education raises concern. Why is this so?
Health facilities are a big resource in the community and their location needs to be known to all.
There is a positive out look toward business and most students feel like they are capable of pursuing it now or in the future.

There is obviously a strong need for girls to have mentors. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

August Women Ball Games & Training in Siaya County

Date : 3/8/2014
Venue   : Asango   field
Teams   : asango vs sigomere
Matches     were; football, volleyball, netball.
Scores   :  asango              sigomere
Football-    0                          2
Volleyball -1                          0
Netball -     0                          8
Date -   5/8/2014
Training at mng’ao   field
Football coach Mary Adongo
Date   - 6/8/2014
Training   at   mng’ao
Football   coach Mary   Adongo
Date   :     10/8/2014
Venue   :     sigomere   field
Teams   :   Mng’ao   vs     Sigomere
Scores   :   Mng’ao    vs  sigomere
Football   :   0                       10
Date   :   12/7/2014
Venue   :   Ugana   field
Teams   :  Mng’ao vs      Sigomere
Scores   :  Mng’ao vs    sigomere
Football   :  0                        4
Netball    :  0                       8
Date    :   17/8/2014
Teams    : mng’ao vs madungu
Venue:  Madungu School
 Scores     :   mng’ao   vs   madungu
  Football   :   2                        0
Volleyball   :   3                       0
Sigomere vs got osimbo
0                                   4(football)
Date 20/8/2014 training at sigomere and ugana field coaches Flo and Mary
Date:  21/8/2014 training at sigomere field   coach Florence and got osimbo coach
Date: 23/8/2014 training both at ugana field and sigomere coaches flo and adongo  
Date:  25/8/2014 training at ugana field coach adongo(mng’ao team)
Date    : 27/8/2014 training for children and volleyball ladies coach Florence and peter.
Date: 28/8/2014   training for sigomere,got osimbo,mng’ao teams for youth Flo,Mary   and peter.
Date    29/8/2014
Training at mng’ao and sigomere
 Date   : 30/8/2014
Event   :  youth   talent   search
Involved   girl    power girls   from   schools we visit.
Teams    : sigomere, yuaya, utende, ogeda, asango,
Scores: sigomere vs   utende
Football:  5                       0
                Ogeda    vs.   yuaya
Football: 1                   0
Football    finals  
Sigomere   1   vs ogeda   0
Sigomere 0   vs.   asango   3
Sigomere 3   vs.   utende   0
Netball finals
Sigomere   4 vs. ogeda    6
Winners   of the day
Volleyball   -asango
Football –sigomere
Netball -sigomere.

Challenges: we need a camera, balls  and games  attires.