Saturday, March 24, 2012

''I Have A Ball'' Workshop

''I Have A Ball - Workshop.
You Have The Right to Know Yourself'' 
Saturday 24th of March 2012 was a big day for the Girl Power Clubs members three events running in one day: a workshop, football tournament and a medical camp! 215 girl leaders from 23 Secondary Schools around Nairobi City attended the event.Workshop.
The event that hosted 215 girls at the Sadili Oval Sports Academy was coordinated by Ja Young Naphtalie Margaret (Project Assistant) and Dr. Mwaka Mutsumi (Project Assistant) and was graced by Dr. Catherine Akidi Labobo Lore of KEMWA (Kenya Women Medical Asssociation) who led the main health discussion on reproductive health. There was also a Nutrition talk by Nutritionist from Xenihealth Nutrition and Weight Loss Management Programme who gave an interesting discussion on eating well and the workshop discussions ended with LVCT Kenya's Annrose Kibutha giving a small talk on the importance of HIV tesing and counseling.

Soccer Tournament
 Running concurrently was 7-a-side, each 15 minutes soccer tournament that was officiated by FIFA-trained referees.
The girls gave a thrilling display of talent in the field which was also attended by several media houses that were very impressed at how well girls can play and the new comers Olympic High School made their mark in lifting the day's football ''I have a ball'' trophy  presented to them by Girl Power's Dr. Elizabeth Odera after scooping a 3-0 win against Malezi School who settled for second place.


  I Have A Ball Competition                                     Winner: Huruma Girls
 1st Runners up: Nazarene Primary School
                                                          I Have A Ball Soccer Tournament
             Winner: Olympic High School
          1st Runners Up: Malezi Primary School
Medical Camp Onsite
Girl Power Clubs did manage to erect tents and provide rooms for free medical consultation and dispensing of drugs with the help of 11 young female doctors and pharmacists, thanks to the hard work put in by Dr. Mwaka Mutsumi (Project Assistant), Dr. Odula and the entire KEMWA (Kenya Medical Women Association).
Team of Doctors that run the medical camp
Girls go on private medical visit

In support of this intiative we received alot of help from
Dr. Odula of KEMWA and Dr. Liz of Sadili Oval (Girl Power)
1. KEMWA for personnel
2. GlaxoSmithKline for drugs and energy drinks( Ribena)
3. Madawa Pharmaceuticals LTD for drugs
4. Lords Healthcare for drugs
5. Philips Pharmaceuticals for drugs.


Liverpool VCT,were overwhelmed by the high turn-out of girls who wanted to either be tested, ask questions and learn more. Annrose and her team were very pleased with the positive attitude and openness that many girls displayed! When she asked them about this, a few replied, "We want to have enough knowledge about ourselves so that we have the power to decide how to manage our bodies.

Olympic High School Girls enjoying their skit.

Remember that we have SISTERHOOD WORLD CUP 2012 coming up on May26th, June 16th and June 30th...