Saturday, December 21, 2013


December is always a mass of activities, students exited to finally end an academic year – well at least for those in the 8-4-4 System of education. With Christmas bells ringing around the corner, exams are finally over and you get to hang out with your friends at home if you are not or are lucky to travel to the village until its time to get back to school for a whole brand new year!
For us at Girl Power we get super busy trying to catch the girls before they all get lost in the frenzy of activities holidays come with especially, December! Every holiday we try to make sure we offer the girls ‘’a piece of our hearts’ our passion and what keeps us going, the reason we exist –yes it is for them!  A whole week, at least 3 to 4  days of a bit of everything life skills, sports, entrepreneurial  skills , some art, dance , a safe space and many new girls that come every holiday so they can make friends with. A place they feel they want to keep coming back if not for the learning, then at least the fun in everything else, which they like most.
This time we had a total of 183 girls . 92 under 12 years and 91 above 13 years. 80 % were new, from around Langata, thanks to a very excited lady who has been all excited and enjoys what we do with and for the girls. We call her mama Jacky.  She made sure not only her daughter and her niece attended but their mass of friends who brought others too. Our own Girl Power who couldn’t attend from Kibera because they were going back to their villages, passed word to those who stayed behind.
Day 1: Tue 3rd Dec 2013
We had our traditional opening, with ice breakers and then an hour session on Leadership and Core Values. Those girls who were above 13 years, were lead by our own Project Assistants Jayoung Naphtalie Margaret  and Paullete Akinyi.  The under-12 girls were led by Queen Gwen, using the Goal Book Approach.  While Dr. Liz Odera and  Coach Mary Florence  took on cameras.  Later in the day Mary Florence took some of girls through basic DST and sharing real stories of girls like them

Day 2: 4th December
The morning session was all about Goal, with Under-12 girls working on , ‘’Pin the trash on the can ‘’ with together with Queen., while the older ones discussed ‘’Role Models and Reaching out to our Community.’’ with Paullete, Jayoung and Mary Florence. The evening was a general session on hygiene and reproductive health & responsible relationships with  Coach Rehema Akinyi and Mary Florence.
Day : 5th December
This was our ‘learning basic bead work skills ‘’ day as well as ‘’Sports day’’.  The girls really enjoyed the day, and there were plenty of smiles and chatter, as they learned to design necklaces and wrist bands for the upcoming women’s meeting in Uganda, with Susan Gathu improving on the finished product. They then played tennis with coaches Evelyn, Jamin and Rich, and basketball with coach Amoko, followed by skipping rope and other singing games on their own.
Day: 6th December
This was the older girls’ fun day. Girls that graduated from primary and high school had their mini pool party. All day in the pool with barbequed food, soft drinks, music and dancing! They thoroughly enjoyed their day and did not realise that the evening was wearing in!
9th to 13th December 2013
 Once again, Girl Power got one of life’s rare but meaningful and great chances to have two of her own represent the entire organisation on a South to South Exchange in Uganda, thanks to Vital Voices. Dr. Liz Odera and Jayoung Margaret joined a team of 50 women from over 25 countries across the world. It was a great opportunity to learn, collaborate, share, connect and exchange best. It is always humbling for us to be part of such great It is one of the things we are forever grateful for!
Lots of Thanks to
Dr. Odera for the great leading through the year, all Sadili  and Girl Power Staff, our volunteers and people who occasionally step in to give a hand…Susan Gathu and one of our girls from Huruma Girls who was great help, Purity Ndemo. , all the girls that have been with us in 2013 and before, our Face Book friends, those who ‘liked’’ our pages, twitter followers, blog readers, Women Win and all her partners for the support and taking time to mentor our girls through the year, LVCT –Kenya , KMWA and Vital Voices for helping us end year in a great note!

Story & Report done by
Jayoung Naphtalie Margaret
Project Assistant
Girl Power Clubs Africa
and edited by Dr. Liz Odera
Head Professional
Sadili Oval Sports Academy.