Tuesday, July 23, 2013

St Michael Holy Unity Girls

I am seated with five girls from St Michael’s Holy Unity School. Elizabeth is 11 and in class 6. Viola and Sharon are also in class 6 but are 12 years old.  Pauline is 15 and in class 5 and Cynthia is 13 and in class 7. Sport is definitely a favourite part of their Girl Power classes. “My favourite thing about Girl Power is sport, just like playing football.  Not netball, just football” says Elizabeth. The other girls say they like football too, and netball and Cynthia says her favourite sport is volleyball.  All the girls live in Kibera, some with the mums and dads and others with guardians or other family members.
Viola says the best thing she has learnt from Girl Power is how to prevent rape and what to do about it.  The other girls say they have learnt about “peer pressure, how to be yourself, menstruation and confidence”.  It’s almost like a mantra with this group!
Brenda then joins the group from the soccer field.  “I have learnt to be confident and to be proud of yourself and not to be shy” she says of Girl Power.  I ask her if she finds it hard to go to school sometimes. “Yeah, sometimes it is hard to go to school, especially if my dad is sick, I feel uncomfortable because he is home alone.  But I like going to school because I learn more about the things I don’t know. Sometimes even I learn about the skills that I have.  The school might make me to know my talents, especially from my friends.  When I see them playing football I think “let me join that” and I will find my talent there”.
How about the other girls’ talents? “Football” says Elizabeth.  “Dancing” offers Viola.  Sharon says her talent is singing and Cynthia says she likes to dance and act.  Cynthia is lucky, she has recognized three talents that she has – “dancing and acting and volleyball”.  A creative bunch!
 Written by Hannah Collins, volunteer at Girl Power
Approved by Dr Liz Odera, Director at Sadili Oval Sports Academy

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