Friday, July 12, 2013

Belinda and Linda talk to us

Belinda and Linda choose to be interviewed together – being the only ones to say yes to an interview of out a class 30, they are very brave! Belinda is 17 and Linda is 18 and they are both in form three.  “If I finish school, I want to be a doctor, in particular I want to be a surgeon” says Belinda.  “With me, I would love to be a business woman” says Linda.  “I would like to work in a restaurant, maybe own them.  I can cook a very nice meal!” she laughs. Both share favourite subjects of English and Swahili, with Belinda also liking Biology and Linda Geography.  Both girls like to read.

Both girls have been in Girl Power for two years.  “As for me, I have been here for now two years.  I went for the goal training and what I learnt was how to be myself and be proud of myself and know that I am beautiful the way I am” says Belinda. “It is the same for me, I have been here for two years.  I also went to the goal training, and I learnt to just carry on, keep pressing on” Linda adds. ”In Girl Power we have leant how to be ourselves, how to be healthy, how to be money savvy and how to nurture our talents” explains Belinda. Linda agrees. “I have learnt how to make use of my talent, and how to help others with their talent making their life better and I have learnt that I am special the way I am ad I should take myself how god created me”.

All this talk of talent leads one to ask what the girls’ talents are?  “My talent is playing football and reading” Belinda says, “mine is singing” Linda beams.

“Yes, we live here in Kibera, I live with my aunt and cousins – I have many cousins! I am an only child” says Belinda of their living situations. Life is hard.  For example sometimes you don’t have water and you don’t have that money to buy that water.  The same with food”. “I also live in Kibera, I have sisters and also cousins” says Linda. “Sometimes it becomes hard when you are living with an aunt or a relative and that aunt also has her kids and there is no money for school fees” she elaborates.

“For me, I would love to say that since my mother died in 2004, I was taken into an orphanage school.  I learnt there for a couple of years, like seven years, and when I was out of there, that is when I came here, my aunt brought me to this school.  Before this, I can say that school has helped me.  My old school taught me god’s word and I can say that I have been saved” Linda finishes up.

Belinda’s story is also sad. “As for me, I can say that my father died in 2004 when I was in class three.  He was shot with six bullets and died on the spot.  With the help of my mother and some well wishers, I have been able to continue with my education.  With the help of God I know that anything is possible”.

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