Friday, July 12, 2013

Girls from Olympic High School

Dorcas, Zulea and Peris elect to be interviewed at the start of the session so that they can be involved in the rest of the session - a session which includes some very heated but fun debates!

Dorcas is 16 and in form two, Zulea is 16 and in form 1 while Peris is 17 and in her final year, form 4.

"I want to be an air hostess" says Dorcas, "because I am a clean girl and I can do it". "I want to work in the flying doctors because I have been dreaming each and every day that I can do it" says Zulea. Peris career ambitions stay close to home - " I want to be a lawyer because my mother is a lawyer". Zulea and Peris would like to stay in Kenya to live and work but Dorcas would like to move overseas - understandable with a career ambition of an air hostess!

Peris is the Girl Power veteran with three years under her belt, Dorcas has been with the group for one year and Zulea is a new addition, being a part of Girl Power for three months. "I've learnt to be a strong girl as I get older and I've learnt how I can help my fellow girls who may have problems" Dorcas says of the experience. "Through Girl Power I have learnt how girls can drop out of school early and how that can be prevented, as well as how to prevent being affected by bad company" Zulea elaborates. Peris is the last to comment, saying "through Girl Power I've learnt many things, such as how to conduct ourselves as girls, the challenges we experience. Another thing is the challenge of HIV / AIDS. When somebody is infected with HIV there are ways you can give advice to punt girls in schools so that they can prevent HIV".

This school is football mad, with Dorcas even playing for the Nairobi team. Peris's favourite sport is different though, she said swimming was her favourite, while the other two opted for the popular football.

All the girls are borders, but their experiences all differ outside of the high school. "For I, I stay with my grandmother. I don't have any brothers or sisters. On the weekends I like swimming and sometimes chatting with my friends" Dorcas states. "I stay with my father and we are three children. I am the last born. On the weekends, on Sunday, I usually go to church. After church I would read a story" Zulea says. Peris says she is one of six children, "I am staying with my mother and my young brother and sister. In total we are six but we are two girls and four boys. Three boys do not live at home because they are older and working. So I stay with my young brother and sister. On the weekends, especially on Saturdays, I like to visit friends for leisure and have fun with them. During Sunday I am going to church. After church i come back and sleep!"

"For me, I would like to thank Girl Power because they have made me to know many things I did not know before. For now, I think through Girl Power I can tell my fellow girl 'this is right and this is wrong' and I can stand in front of people and say something because they have made me not shy. I love them and won't forget about them. When I grow up, when I be an air hostess, I would also like to be in Girl Power so that I can empower my fellow girls" Dorcas says as her final piece. "Through Girl Power for the few months I have learnt with them I can respect myself and I can know I can be able to achieve my goals and it is possible to advise other girls" Zulea says. Peris finishes for the girls. "Through Girl Power for those three years I can now stand in front of the people to give them advice, to be aggressive to remove their shyness. In fact, if it were not for Girl Power I don't think I could stand in front of people and speak. I thank them so much. Even, I know I can teach many girls, I can guide them and counsel them on how to conduct themselves, how to behave and how to respect themselves". Well done girls, good luck with your futures!

Written by Hannah Collins, volunteer at Girl Power
Approved by Dr Liz Odera, Director at Sadili Sports Academy

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