Monday, July 29, 2013

Naria's Words

“I am 17 years old and in form two.  I still have two more years of school.  My favourite subject is biology.  I want to become a nurse when I finished school” Naria starts her interview.  “Somehow I am always caring and loving for people.  Sometimes they get an injury and I can be able to help them, so I just tell myself that I can be a nurse in future. Me, I am learning to get myself in university”.

“Girl Power are proud when they see the girls go to university. I consider myself to be a very brave person in the community.  I know that in my house, I will be the only person who has gone to University. I live with both of my parents and I have brothers and sisters (points to sister nearby). We are passing through different situations in Kibera, so me, I always feel proud when I be myself. I will be a clean person and go forward in my future”.

Written by Hannah Collins, volunteer at Girl Power
Approved by Dr Liz Odera, Director at Sadili Oval Sports Academy

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