Monday, July 29, 2013

Sharon's Story

Sharon is 19 and the head girl at St Michael’s Holy Unity school.  “Form four is next year.  My favourite subject is English, I love it. When I finish school I want to be a manager. Any company, any business, organization - provided I am a manager” she says. With such set career ambitions, does Sharon think Girl Power have helped her prepare to leave school? “Yeah sure, they help prepare girls for the challenges girls face after school and they encourage them and they talk about everything. Girl Power is still new in this school of ours, but we will learn more”.

“Girl Power is really a nice organization. Since Girl Power has been around they have really helped girls, it’s been talking about girls’ issues, enlightening them and making girls identify their talents also. They enroll girls in various activities, like sports, knowing about health and knowing about everything that concerns themselves.  It helps them appreciate themselves, take themselves as they are and love themselves more than anyone can think of”.

“I live in Kibera with my Aunt.  I was born here.  I don’t like the situation and that is why I work hard so that I can change the situation in the nearby future.  I want to go to university. I would like to prosper, I hope to pass my examination next year, go to the university of Nairobi, pursue my further studies. I would like our school to perform better as well.  I love my aunt, she is there for me.  I would like to congratulate Girl Power and also thank them for what they are doing.  Reaching out for girls, talking to them, teaching them, it is very hard to find such an organization talking about girls’ issues.  I would like them to continue with the same spirit”.  

Written by Hannah Collins, volunteer at Girl Power
Approved by Dr Liz Odera, director at Sadili Oval Sports Academy

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