Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mary's Story

Mary Monari has been with Girl Power for three years.  Softly spoken and very polite, she is 14 years old and goes to Malezi School.  Girl Power has taught her many things over the three years, from basic health care to standing up for herself.

“I like it when we talk about girls and how to take care of ourselves, and when we talk about how to keep away from bad company and also how to stay away from boys!” she laughs. “But I think mostly I have enjoyed learning how to take care of myself”.

Girl Power has it roots in teaching girls how to feel confident through sports and this tradition is being carried on still.  Mary says she likes “football, basketball, swimming, tennis, and also golf” adding that she is actually quite good at golf!

“I feel Girl Power will help me realise my dreams because it has already helped me a lot.  It helped me know how to be strong, how to take care of myself, be encouraged and how to stand in front of people and talk and how to know what I want”.  And what is it that Mary wants from life? “I want to be a designer, designing perfumes and I want also to become a professional golfer”. Mary has already begun to achieve her dreams: she is one of Kenya's top junior golfers, mentored by Rose Naliaka, Kenya's best!

Written by Hannah Collins, volunteer at Girl Power
Approved by Dr Liz Odera, Director at Sadili Oval Sports Academy

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