Thursday, May 23, 2013

Leornida's Story

“I am in grade 8, the last year at primary school at Nazarene, and next year I am joining secondary school.  I am 14 years, yes” starts Leornida.  “I have been a member of Girl Power since two years.  I’ve learnt that girls have opportunity to achieve education and to achieve what they want in their futures. Before Girl Power, I was wondering how I would manage to get those things.  I’ve seen that people think boys have the right to achieve anything but girls don’t.  Since Girl Power has come, I’ve learnt many things.  I am now healthy, and I have the opportunity to reach for something”.

Of course, boys are always a hot topic. “Yes, we have leant to … those boys, I am just putting them aside while I achieve my studies. Boys will be there when I finish school and I have achieved my studies. I’ll get a handsome one then!” she laughs. “When I am finished school I would like to be a journalist.  I would like to stay in Kenya, but I would like to be able to visit some countries as well.  To help some girls like me, they way Girl Power has helped me, that would be good”.

“Here in Kenya, I am a girl whose parents have died. I am staying with my grandmother who is disabled. My grandmother is sick and I help her with some chores in the house. Some nights we go to sleep hungry, but I still thank God.  Many people have volunteered to pay for my school fees, they have helped me and I like being there among them.  If I finish primary school, they can help me get to high school and they can see how hard I am working” Leornida says with pride. “I just take the courage to come to school and I thank God for everything that I have”.

 Written by Hannah Collins, volunteer at Girl Power
Approved by Dr Liz Odera, Director at Sadili Oval Sports Academy

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