Thursday, May 16, 2013

Girl's Stories Continue

Salma is 17 and attends Malezi Schoool.  Salma has only been a part of Girl Power for one year but she has already found the group very useful when trying to work out who she is and what she wants. “Girl Power has helped me to find myself” she says quite simply. “I didn’t know who I was until I read the books about Girl Power and then I started following the steps they gave me and I feel happier, much happier”.

Not only has the Girl Power curriculum helped Salma discover who she is, but being located so close to the Girl Power headquarters has had its advantage for Salma also.  “I find it helpful, like sometimes if I get into trouble I can talk to Hazel or Jayoung and I feel better and get ideas about how to deal with problems”.  When asked what kind of trouble she gets into, Salma looks bashful – “boyfriend issues” she laughs.  

“It makes me happy to be able to help the students outside of Sadili, it makes me feel like I have done something. I want to continue this kind of work” she says of the activities she helps Girl Power with.  As well as wanting to continue her work with Girl Power, Salma has some other ambitions.  “I want to be a Doctor.  I’ve always dreamt of being a doctor.  A cardiologist” she says with complete certainty.  And in the meantime? “I need to earn my living.  I love being independent and I’ve always been independent.  I would like to try modeling”.

Good luck Salma, wishing good luck for your dreams to come true!

Written by Hannah Collins, volunteer with Girl Power
Approved by Dr. Liz Odera, Director at Sadili Oval Sports Academy

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