Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Words Of Wisdom As We Graduate #4 #5

# 4
Melvine Ouma
Maono Educational Center

‘’I Want To Work With Girl Power’’
Despite the challenges girls face both in school and at home , being a member of Girl Power Club has made me strong and given me the courage  to face challenges with a positive attitude  hence enabling me to stand firm as phenomenal lady!
I am very glad to reach at this point at which I will be sitting for my K.C.S.E because most of the ladies have not been able to. Most have dropped out in previous classes either out of pregnancy, lack of self-esteem and a lot more.
Girl Power has strengthened our dignity and I would like to appreciate all that they have taught us since the beginning of our secondary education. I also urge them to continue with the same spirit because   I also would like to join the organization while I wait for my results and hope I will be welcome!

Hellen Akinyi
Maono Educational  Centre.
 "Keep The Club Alive"
My dream occupation is to be a teacher in a secondary school. So far, my experience in Girl Power has been a journey that has been good because I got to learn many things. Now that I am leaving high school and begin a new life I pray to God to take care of me and everyone else, whom I shall be leaving behind.
To the rest of the girls, I encourage you to face all the difficulties with strong courage to overcome them. Please continue with the club to improve your lives and that of other girls by showing a good example!

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