Monday, October 8, 2012

My Holiday Plans #6 #7

Irene Anyango
Maono Educational Center
" I Will Visit My Grandparents" 

Girl Power Club has made a difference in the lives of many girls and helped them learn how to cope in today’s society. I have been enlightened on my rights as a girl, which has made me feel empowered. For example, I have learnt how I can venture into business and managing it through a project that we were helped to begin.
After school, over the December holiday I will be going to my countryside to visit my grandparents. I plan to be back in January to study computers and enlighten myself in the technological area. I will also use my time to teach other girls!

 "I Will Work"
My name is Jessica Anyango and I am 15years old and I am in Class Eight. I would like to be a doctor because I admire the way they dress and take good care of people who are sick.
My year was good because I have not seen anything wrong. I can say that my year is good because my parents were good to me. This holiday, I plan to help my parents by finding a job to do so that I won’t sit idle at home.
Some of the dangers I face during the holidays are like drug abuse, peer pressure and even early pregnancy. When I am through with my school I would like to talk to other girls and warn them of the dangers out there. 

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