Friday, September 28, 2012

My Christmas Holiday Plans #2 #3

Salli Achieng
13 years
Nazarene Self Help, Kibera
Class 8

With the the help of Girl Power I learnt how to keep my body and surroundings clean, how to protect myself from bad company and that we should have principles. At first I did not know how to avoid bad company, but after being taught, I now know how to. Those who don’t know anything about life or those who are not educated, find themselves involved with bad company and later they become pregnant. I would like to see Girl Power educating more girls on how to face challenges in life. I will make sure to go to the new office in Kibera and keep the leaders of Girl Power informed of all the challenges we face. This holiday I plan to go and educate other girls and share the experiences that we face as girls. I will also avoid bad company.

Janet Kemto
Maono Educational Center, Kibera.

Since I joined Girl Power I have seen a lot of change in my life, and it has impacted my life in many positive ways. I am now able to face and make decisions even in tough situations.
Through the knowledge I have acquired,  I can now take better care of myself. I must say I have never regretted having joined other girls like me to realise how powerful and strong we are in the society. Before this, I was so ashamed and afraid to talk about my problems with other people. I though I was different from the others and had different problems but through Girl Power I realised my problems are our problems and every other girl passes through them at some point!

Now that I am soon going to be out of high school, I am going to use every bit of knowledge I have acquired through Girl Power’s programmes to improve my life and that of other girls who I will come across. I will make sure that other girls who are facing the same challenges that I passed through, will be able to speak oout and share their problems with others and find solutions with to them.

I would also like to tell other girls that the Girl Power Club is so important to their lives as girls  and that they will not regret joining the club!

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