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Dear Members and Patron
Girl Power Club,

___________________________ School
3 September 2012
RE: Activities For 2012 And Closing Debate
We hope you all had a great time during the August holidays!
It has been a great year with lots of fun and learning between us, we are grow bigger and better together thanks to all of you! This year our major activities have been:
1.       Girl Power Leaders workshop, 27th of January, where girl leaders from different clubs in attendance were equipped to some Leadership Skills
2.       I Have A Ball- ‘’You have the right to know yourself’’ Workshop , Medical Camp and Competition, in which winners in various categories were, Huruma Girls, Nazarene Primary, Malezi Primary, Langata Barracks and Olympic High School and a special song presentation by Parklands Arya.
3.       Sisterhood World Cup 2012, took place in May and June, together with sexuality and HIV-AIDS Workshops, assisted by Liverpool VCT. The event attracted radio at Venus FM and Radio Jambo, presented by members from Olympic High. Winners of the Cup were, Olympic High School.
4.       Voting on the Code on Abuse on both Radio Shows and in Girl Power Schools.
5.       This year, we also welcome new Girl Power Clubs: Langata Barracks & Nairobi Day.
6.       Muslim Academy has been doing well in their business project, while Kenya High School has reported to carrying out visits at a children’s home, which is good!
7.       Olympic High School, Girls football team, became national champions at the KSSSA Ball Games in Mombasa, and represented Kenya at the East Africa Championships. Well done girls!
8.       Nazarene Primary School presented 15 topics on “I Have A Ball” and “Girls Speak Out!” Superb work girls!
9.       We now have a Girl Power Facebook account up, running and active! We welcome individual club pages, and so far, two clubs have submitted their page names, Malezi High (Epic Girls) & Huruma Girls (Hugzville Gal Powa).
10.    The Girl Power Website/Blog is now up and running with your stories and events, please find them here:
This Term
We would like to welcome you back to Girl Power’s end of the year 2012 activities!
Saturday 15th September 2012 – Girl Power Debate
8.30 a.m. – 12.00 noon
There will be three topics debated on:
1.       Should There Be Extra Tuition In Schools?
2.       Should Girls Wear Uniform?
3.       Beauty or Knowledge: which one would you choose?
Please confirm your attendance by filling the Girl Power Debate entry form and also be kind enough to inform us early for the sake of logistics.
For more information please email or call our Project Assistant Ja Young N. Margaret on +254 715 684 846.
Kindly remember to submit your Term One and Two Girl Power Report Forms if you haven’t already done so urgently to ensure that you are included in the debate!

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Liz Odera
Girl Power Clubs Africa,
Sadili Oval Sports Academy.

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