Thursday, March 19, 2015



I’m Merceline Ocholla from Nairobi Day High School. I like playing volleyball, socializing in facebook and studying. I joined Girl Power Clubs Africa in Form 1 and I really enjoy having sessions with the Girl Power members, they have really made an impact in my life. There are some things I had taken for granted like managing my time. I could waste a lot of time chatting with my friends but through the topic time management I’m able to plan for my everyday activities like setting time for leisure and studying, hence I have really improved in my grades after listening keenly to the lessons. I have also learnt how to stay safe while having fun, when I go to parties I always carry my drinks around to avoid spiking which can lead to rape and irresponsible sexual behavior. Through Girl Power Clubs, I have also been able to grow my self-esteem, which has led to my promotion to being the Sanitation Prefect in our school. This program has really changed my life, I’m really thankful.

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