Friday, March 20, 2015

Meet 2015 Volunteer Esther Mueni Mulonzi

“I am 18 years of age and I can describe myself as a young, intelligent and determined lady who is a go getter by nature, apart from this I enjoy swimming, socializing, drawing, playing baseball and would like to pursue a career in Aviation later in life. The reason I came to work with Girl Power Clubs is because while in school the club really mentored me and I felt obligated to give back to the girl child what I had learned and also because I enjoy teaching other girls about how to be a real lady. However, the thing that really pushed me to do this is the fact that the society has not yet fully embraced and accepted the girl child and I wanted to be part of the team, seeing to it that the society fully embraces  the girl child and be part of the people who give beneficial information to girls to let them know that being a girl does not simply mean being stepped on in this male dominated world, it simply means one is special but in a different way and anything they want  to achieve is achievable. Being a girl should not stand on the way of success and by passing this across we would be able to empower more girls and achieve our goal of changing the world to finally embrace equality. I also wanted to be part of the team that supports Girl Power Clubs Africa program to grow and become better, bigger and the best in terms of girl child support."

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