Monday, March 23, 2015

Mary Bahati

I am Mary Bahati from Olympic High School, Girl Power Club. I enjoy socializing, playing football and doing First Aid. The reason I enjoy doing First Aid is because I learnt from life skills given at home how to apply herbal medicine to an injured person, I also know how to apply modern first aid. I’m currently in Form 2 and I came to this school through a sponsorship program in Mombasa whereby I was sponsored through football. Being a footballer we face a lot of challenges like menstruation during games, earlier I felt uncomfortable playing during my menses but through this program I learned that it is healthy to exercise during our period, I also I didn’t know one was allowed to swim during menstruation. I now enjoy doing all this and feel just normal. I have also learnt a lot about my rights and where to go when they are defiled. Lastly the biggest change in my life is learning how to be confident and have a high self esteem because I can now stand in a big crowd and talk without fear, have also learnt that yes I’m a lady but I can still make it in this male dominated world and become one of the powerful ladies who bring change to other girls and I can fulfill my dream of being a professional footballer someday.

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