Saturday, August 22, 2015

Girl Power Supports Gen50+

As a program we support youth programs that we believe have a positive impact on the girl. This led us to working again with an exciting Kenyan students from Africa Leadership Academy (South Africa), led by Francis Okong'o Kinyanjui, as one of the main sponsors for the workshop that was held in Rusinga school form the 20th to 22nd August 2015 dabbed Gen 50+.

The topics covered in this workshop include; Gender based violence, Rape culture (Sexualisation), Women Empowerment, Body Image, Domestic Violence, Self Defense, Art Activism, Writing Activism, Social Media Activism, Visual Activism (Fine Arts, Animation, Film).
On the last day all groups were expected to pitch their ideas to a group of judges on how they are going to help solve one of the issues discussed on the previous days. There were six groups pitching their ideas.

1.     Group 1: looking in to the rape culture; through Unicorns’ don’t rape campaign.
2.     Group 2: Looking in to Abusive relationships; come up with a cartoon program for kids.
3.     Group 3: Looking in to Abusive relationships; through advocacy forums.
4.     Group 4: looking in to Women empowerment; by organizing holiday camps dabbed ‘What are those’.
5.     Group 5: Looking in to body image; using the social media they created an up.
6.     Group 6: looking in to body image; created a blog aimed at changing the way media portrays body image.

The sixth group had the best presentation. They were given certificates and chocolate for each member.

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