Sunday, August 16, 2015

Girl Power Clubs Support EA Safari Junior!

Girl Power Clubs bravely took up the major job of running the Life Skills sessions at the annual East Africa Safari Junior Tennis Camp, which ran from 3rd to 14th August 2015 with 42 talented participants learning a lot of skills in tennis and had one life skill session per day. The Girl Power office had the responsibility of ensuring all participants’ were registered and they all had their meals. 

We also volunteered to welcome the kids and run the registration every morning, managed the timing for sessions to free the coaches to concentrate, and also recorded everyone who took meals. For the life skills, we divided the participants into three groups; the young ones below 8 years were taught by Evelyn Sigilai and Loise Mwende, the 10 - 14 years were taught by Joy Akim, and rest by Damaris Mbaabu and Alex.

The group that was most challenging was the older ones. They wanted to listen and share very little or not at all.  This prompted us to include other activities like playing football  before we sat down to talk, we also played other indoor games like monopoly  then had our discussions, we included stories in line with the topic and analyzed them. We surely will have more tricks up our sleeves for the teens at the next holiday camp!

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