Friday, August 21, 2015

Fun @ Kibera Tennis This August Camps

The Kibera tennis court was also a hive of activity this holiday season as we joined Sadili in taking tennis to the slums of Kibera. more than 300 kids from all ages showed up, from those who are learning to walk, to older kids who are in secondary school. With our guest coaches Eric Terp, Katsuya Otsu, Alex and volunteers Amilia Barry and Ulla Boesen, we transformed the Kibera Tennis Court in to a bee hive of activities. The guest coaches worked hand in hand with the coaches in Kibera; they are Rehema Aquinyi, Richy Ooko, Asha Adongo, Wallace lence and Dr. Liz Odera.
The Kibera tennis court activities are made possible by the well wishers who donated used rackets and tennis balls that we used here and we thank them for their support.

Other than tennis, the kids also played lots of basketball under Kenyan national star player and youth coach, Zack Okong'o Basil, assisted by upcoming trainee, Adongo worked with the kids to ensure their basket ball skills improve. It was fulfilling to see their techniques improved day by day. The the boys particularly loved having a male figure to look up to this holiday at the Kibera Court!

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