Saturday, March 4, 2017

Wonderful Week of Sports for Girl power Clubs

The past week (27th February-3rd March), we had an amazing sport week for Girl Power clubs at the comfort of their schools. This deviates from the norm where we always have one-day event sports days, usually at Sadili Oval Sports Academy. 

We hoped to have the sports done with all Girl Power Clubs in the 6 schools in Nairobi. However, this being a busy period in the school calendar with most schools either having midterm examinations or on midterm break, we had the pleasure of having the sports at Karama Academy and St. Catherine Primary only. 

Soccer at Karama Academy on Tuesday 28th February was fantastic. The hot and sunny weather did not stop the girls from having fun. They were divided into two teams: A & B. Team A proved to be stronger after winning 1-0 against team B. The girls were so thrilled to have a whole one hour of nothing but soccer. They even begged for extra time at the end of the game!

We were so lucky at St. Catherine’s Primary School on Wednesday 1st March as we had teachers coming in to work with us. Here too the girls played soccer and were divided into teams A & B. The game ended with a nil-nil draw, but that did not matter. What mattered was that everyone participated and that all the girls enjoyed it. 

The Girl Power Sport Week is an initiative to offer sport participation opportunities in a term that’s too busy to run our usual monthly Sports Days. Instead the activities are split into one huge week and students have the opportunity to participate in sports at the comfort of their schools.

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