Monday, June 29, 2015

Meet Esther and Manaaz: Budding Hip Hop Artists!

My name is Esther Mahando and my sister’s name is called Manaaz. When we became friends we were in Class Seven in Langata when Manaaz almost knocked me down. We were in different schools then, but in Form One, we joined the same school. Apparently Esther's parent died and she is left with her older sister who is married.
Manaaz and I are best friends, just like sisters. We both love music and we are very passionate about it. We both love hip-hop and write hip-hop songs. Manaaz is kind of shy but she can rap too. Everywhere we go we must sing songs. Music is just in our minds, but the problem is we do not have any connection or anyone who can help us with our music.
We also play basketball. We really hope our music dream will come true. We love music so much that we find ourselves dancing, singing and writing songs. We hope to get anyone who can help us with that and we will appreciate it. We aint gonna let anyone down. 
Girl Power Club has helped us learn more about ourselves and know as girls we have a right and ability to pursue our dreams. I have also learnt how to deal with peer pressure, and how to deal with emotions my emotions as a young girl.
May dreams come true #stay blessed.

You can find Manaaz on FaceBook: Beanca da hiphopean gyal          Page: Manaaz da real

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