Monday, June 1, 2015

May Girl Power Sports Day Is Amazing!

Girl Power Club Sports Day in Nairobi was amazing, as national premier league team Cooperative Bank and their coach, volunteered to run a training camp that day, and 55 girls attended! We also had a group of 10 boys from St. Catherine who joined us, making the total 67.

The day started with life skills and our topic of discussion was HIV and AIDS. We focused on the following areas,
·      Prevention
·      Contraceptives use.
·      Abstinence
·      Diet /Food
·      Drug abuse and adherence (Antiretroviral)
In the basket ball court the girls were divided into groups of 12.These groups rotated after 10 minutes form one teacher to another who taught a different skill. The skills taught included dribbling the ball, shooting, defense, footwork, and how to pass the ball. It was very organized and professionally done.

You can watch a few videos here

The Siaya team is planning to have their sports day on the 4th of July at the Sigomre Secondary Sports Ground. The planning is ongoing and they hope for a very successful day.  

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