Saturday, May 5, 2012


When I Report That I have Been Abused:

Please say you believe me, do not doubt me.  
Please do not make promises that you cannot keep
Please tell me that I am not to blame, it was not my fault
Please do not get shocked and disgusted, help me instead
Please do not fight my offender, help me find justice
Please be cautious about whom you hire as my coach or teacher
Please come sometimes to watch me play or visit my school
Please warn my teacher not to touch me every time he passes my my desk
Please do not send me alone to do your errands early morning or late evening
Please remember that man who comes to visit you could also be coming to watch me and my sister(s). We need your interest and protection.
Please ask yourself why I do not like school anymore, and why many girls in my team are pregnant or have babies.
Please ask yourself why so many girls attend STD Clinics and VCT: its not a clubhouse

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