Saturday, May 5, 2012

Christine Madarah Feels Transformed




My name is Christine Madarah, a Form 3 student at Huruma Girls. I joined the Girl Power Club late last year and I must say it has been of great help not only to me but also to the entire school.
The Girl Power Club has equipped me with what I need to have as a growing young lady. The club has enabled me to achieve more that I thought I would never achieve, like for instance, before I joined the club, I couldn't stand before my class (of fifty) because of shyness and, of course, my low self esteem! Fortunately all this changed when I joined the club because there, I was able to realize that the whole world starts with me and therefore I had to be courageous and had to face it. As I am writing this letter, I have just come from singing confidently in front of the whole school at the assembly and I feel that I can even sing in front of the whole world if I am given the opportunity! Thanks to the Girl Power because for assure it has empowered me .

When I joined Huruma Girls I met different people form different social backgrounds Apparently none of them came from the slums like I do (by the way I am Kiberan by birth and nature but not future!). I used to think I’m the only poor student and at one point I even thought I was in the wrong house but through the help of Girl Power Club, I was able to build my self confidence when I realized that it is not where I came from that matters but where I’m going that really counts. I was taught this in one of the workshops that I had been invited to at Sadili Oval in Langata. 

It has always been my dream to transform my society and I’m very grateful to the Girl Power Club for it has helped me realize that I have the power to do that every day! One thing I always tell my friends is that I don’t think I can do it! My fellow girls,  the time for doubting yourself has passed, this is the right time to work and stand up for everything that is right for you! Thank you very much GIRL POWER for making a great transformation in my life. May God bless you!

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