Friday, November 6, 2015


Some of the patrons in Busia County Girl Power Clubs, have, through the letters to us, addressed made observations since the initiation of the program in their schools.

Akadoor Primary school’s patron says the term was very challenging due to the teachers strike. The busy school schedules after the strike did not allow them to do a great deal. She also requests for assistance with net ball balls.

Katakwa Primary school’s patron Sarah Omudeck, says they had great time learning about HIV and AIDs, first aid and personal hygiene. She also informed us of some of the challenges faced by the girls. They include lack of sanitary towels, payment of school levy, they do not have games kits and play materials like balls.

Katakwa secondary’s patron Ebu Irene is grateful for the support we gave them. She adds that the challenge she faces with the girls is they lack sanitary towels and she is forced to buy them for the girls every now and then. The girl’s toilet also fell down due to the rains and they are asking for our assistance on this.

Changara secondary schools patron Rono Nelly says the girls have maintained the enthusiasm they showed when the club was initiated. As a club they are focusing on group income generation activities(vegetable farming), individual income generating activities(poultry keeping), holiday soccer and volley ball camps , updating members profile(that will be availed to us ) and peer education and counseling.

Despite this they are facing the following challenges: girls not attending school due to lack of fees, menstruation and early pregnancies, most girls lack basic requirements both personal and academic, they also lack good training facilities to enhance their skills in soccer and volleyball, majority have family problems is they are orphan, single parented or have been abandoned to stay with their grandparents.

She suggests that, by providing sanitary towels, building the girls a toilet and providing clean water, sponsoring some girls to attend soccer and volley ball clinics, inviting guest speakers and finally getting sponsors for the girls we will meet come of these needs

The beauty of this letter is we get  insight of areas that need attention  site. Issues like lack of pads and basic needs can be met by initiating entrepreneurship projects which some schools have already started. We may have to look for partners who will support us to meet other needs like building the fallen toilet for the school.

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