Saturday, October 10, 2015

Girlpower Lifts Football For Water 2015 Tournament Trophy!


1.     Lucy aluoch
2.     Zulea Achieng
3.     Sheryl Angach
4.     Bevaline Auma
5.     Lotania Atieno
6.     Dorcas Victoria
7.     Elizabeth Wamboi
8.     Ruth Adhiambo
9.     Sharon Adhiambo
1-   Quinter Atieno
The team SADILI represented us very well in the tournament  .It was a seven aside game each lasting 20 munities with a break  of 5 minutes .Pool A had  the following teams: SADILI, MYSA, TYSA, CREATA and GITHURAI. Pool B consisted of KYFA, SOPA, CFK, MTG, and STREET EVOLUTION.

Our first game was against MYSA and the scores were SADILI 2 MYSA 0,in our second  game against TYSA the scores were  SADILI  1  TYSA 0,our third game against GITHURAI the scores were SADILI 2 GITHURAI 0,the last game  against CRETA the scores SADILI 3 CRETA 0.
With the good performance we qualified for the semi final against KYSA. We beat KYSA 3 goals to nil giving us direct entry to the finals.
The final match was against TYSA. It was a tough game since we did not manage to score three goals as we had planned however we won with a score of 2 goals to nil. The team was happy with their performance.
Before the awarding of the winner we gathered together for a life skill session and talent show .The life skill session on water and hygiene was facilitated by the coaches that attended a one week training prior to this tournament organized by Orange link and the Dutch football federation.
The life skill session informed the girls on the importance of washing hands before eating and after playing sports .A girls from our team Beverline participated and played the role of a player who is not keen to wash her hands after play, before eating and did not know how to wash her hands well. The talent show entailed a rap song and a poem from street revolution kids. This captured and moved the crowd with their performance.

In the awarding ceremony all teams and coaches that attended the training received certificate. The winning team and the runners up received uniform that they played with the final match and owned. In addition to this the winning team was given a trophy.
Every organization received 6000 shillings to cater for transport to and from the venue. Lunch was provided to all that participated .Our girl did not only look smart they played smart. 

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