Thursday, September 24, 2015

Girls Power Participates at Peace One Day

We had five schools present Olympic High School, Olympic Primary, St. Catherine, karama Academy, and Nairobi day. This also marked our September Girl Power Club Sports Day activity., where we played a soccer and rugby.

Schedule of events
1. History of Peace One Day by Nairobi Day
2. Speech on peace by St. Catherine and Olympic primary
3. A talk on Sports and peace by Olympic High School
4. A talk on who will you makes peace with by Olympic Primary.
5. Friendly match Football and rugby
The activity events were moderated by Joy and captured by Dr. Liz, Eric, and Susan. Olympic High school, Olympic Primary, St. Catherine, karama Academy and Nairobi Day graced the day.
You may watch the video on the link below or read the speeches:

The History of peace one day as given by, Moureen Aoko, of Nairobi Day.
Peace One Day was founded by Jeremy Gilley is an annual global cease fire and nonviolence day, in a fixed calendar unanimously adopted by the UN member states in 2001 as 21st of September.
Jeremy a film maker grew up listening o war in the media. He one day decided to make a film about peace, and then he realized there was no day for peace. There was mother’s day, father’s day, birthday, earth day but no peace day.
He decided to make a day of peace, one day each year when everybody in the world stopped fighting and celebrated peace. He decided to talk to the UN since it’s their job to ensure the world is united and peaceful. He got an invitation to the UN HQ in new yolk and was informed that there was already a day of peace set by Costa Rica.
HE was surprised he had never heard of it he discovered it had no fixed date therefore no one could remember it. He decided he was going to give it a fixed day like birthdays so that it can always be remembered. He chose 21st of September every year to be the peace day, and called his project PEACE ONE DAY.
He sought support from two countries that would ask all other countries to support him. He wrote to many more and got positive feedback. As he wrote to countries in the world he decided to film what happens to ordinary people during war.
He also met with Kofi Annan the then UN boss who supported him and told him he believes individuals can make a difference. The UN and Costa Rica managed to convince other countries. The day the big announcement to be made by Kofi Annan in the UN the city was attacked. This was frightening and confusing for him. He knew it was even more important now to tell the world about peace.
He went to many places, schools, stadiums, towns, and spread the message. On the 21st of September the first peace day was celebrated. They have not looked back since then and many more have followed in the footsteps as we do today.

Speech By Reybella Inyanje of St. Catherine
"Parent’s pupil’s leaders and everyone who have managed to come and join us good morning. As I stand here I would like to talk about Peace .Peace is the act of living in harmony, when there is no war, no conflict it’s to be peaceful.
If we want to create peace we must be humble and kind. The word peace can be described in many words and signs as you show acts of peace i.e. honesty, humility, justice, sharing, love, friendship and God fearing.
Children need peace and people to teach us about peace. As for me I would love our leaders to teach us and give a good example of peace, and how we will be in future. I know my request will be answered.
In our country many things destroy peace e.g. elections. Many people die and houses destroyed there is no peace. If the government refuses to pay teachers salary it will lead to a strike and this is lack of peace.  I advice men and women to choose peace. While selecting leaders choose wisely in order to have peace in the country.
We must maintain peace and the white color in our flag indicates peace. Thank you and God bless you."
Speech By Dorothy Achieng of Olympic primary School
"Peace is a state of living in harmony, love and unity. We cannot say we live in peace yet we have not found our inner peace. Inner peace is a full attention state where you meet everyone and everything every time as if it’s the first time with joy and compassion. Peace is also an occurrence of harmony characterized by the lack of violence conflict behaviors and the freedom from fear of violence.
Peace comes from being able to contribute the best way we have and all that we are, towards creating a world that supports everyone. But it’s also securing the space for others to contribute the best they have and all that they are.
Never the less since the absence of war is the first condition of peace, one of the major concerns of all scholars and statesman has been to formulate and follow the principles and devices needed for securing this primary objective.
Now talking about peace at international levels. We know that terrorism threatens the very roots of peace, but that does not seem to be the only culprit. Since the time the nuclear weapons have arrived the world has not seen peace and never will unless we make a conscious effort to stop threatening the word with our nuclear power. Love and peace is inseparable. We cannot have one without the other. We can’t say we have love yet we cannot promote peace. Love yourself and you shall attain your inner peace. To achieve peace at the global level we also give love to others.
This world has seen so many of the terrorism acts around others. As we become aware of our mistakes in the past as it becomes the duty each of us as individuals and youth to change all this and create a better place for our succeeding generations. As mother Teresa said “If we know no peace it’s because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”.
Never let the behavior of others destroy peace."

Sports and peace by Maria Wanjiru.
"Back in 776 BC when the ancient Greek cities were at war, King Ipilot saw the suffering of in the country and wanted to do something about it. He travelled from his country to see the Epic Oracle to seek his advice. She replied “The Ipilot's and the people of Elius must revive the tradition of the Olympic Games and declare a sacred truce that will allow the participants to travel to and from the games safely”. 
This was done and it went on for 1000 years. When the Olympic Games were revived again, the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896 to promote equality and spirit of nation hood. However the Olympic truce was not established until 1992 games at Barcelona games. Every host nation always declares the truce since then. The ideal of the truce is to serve peace friendship and understanding.
Sports have been used in our country to serve as a catalyst for peace in areas like Turkana and Pokot. " 

Who will you make peace with - a short and interactive session by by Helen Achieng and Mercy Njoki 
This was to help the group identify different ways to make peace. They told the group of the importance of making peace and why they should always choose peace.
They then asked two questions?
1.     Who will you make peace with today?
2.     Who will you celebrate peace with today?
The first question provokes the audience to think of taking the step to make peace, and they talked them trough how they should go about it.
The second question was to provoke the audience to celebrate the peace they have. They had to say with whom and how they are going to celebrate peace. They could be acts of kindness, showing of love and gratitude and many other ways.

Friendly match between Challengers and Amani.
Two teams were formed challengers and Amani. The two teams played a foot ball match and a rugby match lasted 15 minutes the scores were 1-0. They played a rugby match which lasted 10 minutes. The sun was very hot and the girls were very tired.
The cheering team that included Dr Liz did a great job. We also thank coach Orao for his support making the day a success.

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