Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 Coordinator Report

The month of February has been a very short and exciting month full of activities. The interns who joined us have been great assets to the club in enabling it run its activities. We managed to register the entire club member in different schools and we are looking forward to the next month’s activities.

Entrepreneurship To Launch in Siaya
The entrepreneurship project is to be launched on the 7th of March in Sigomre. The participants in this workshop are going to be around 50 pupils selected form all the Girl Power Clubs in Siaya site. We expect them to share the information they learn with the other club members and help them in managing their group projects. The survey conducted in January on this shows a positive outlook towards business and entrepreneurship.

During the visit to Sigomre in March, we are also expected to hold a talk in Got Osimbo girls on menstruation and over bleeding. This was a request by the patron of the club in this school, since there are very many cases of girls excessively bleeding during menstruation.  

Girl Power Clubs May Go To Busia!
We are progressing with plans to ensure that the new clubs in Busia are up and running. They have finished their registration and submitted the forms to us. They are ten new clubs in with twenty members each. We plan to visit the site and the schools soon. In this area we are partnering with an organization on the ground called HWAY (Helping Women and Youth). This organization focuses on children girls and youth, on two areas: disease and poverty eradication. Under poverty eradication they do fabric making, table banking, Poultry keeping, farming, and Mary go rounds. Mr. Bernard Wangira is the manager of the organization.

Improvement of Presentations In Sessions
The life skills session coverage is going on well although exams and midterm breaks are really affecting the sessions. The girls are enjoying the session a lot. Role play, group work and games are used to teach the sessions. This has led to a more interactive system of learning and the girls are really enjoying themselves a l

Kibera Girl Power Office Re-Opens For The Year
The Girl Power Club office in Kibera is operation. The Project Assistant and interns are on site every working day. We hope to have girls visit the office for sessions as we progress on.

Use Of Kibera Tennis and Sports Court
Regarding the tennis and sports court in kibera only one school that is Nazarine Primary has given dates that they will use the court. We are waiting for feedback from St. Catherine and Nairobi Day. Olympic primary, Olympic high school and Karen C have playing fields.

February Monthly Girl Power Clubs Sports Day
February ended on a great note with the Girl Power Club sports day.  All schools were invited and but three failed to come; Huruma girls, Karen C high school, Nairobi day. They informed us that they had ongoing exams. The schools that were present include Olympic primary, Olympic high school, St. Catherine and Nazarine primary.  The patrons present were Mr. Orao from Oympic high, Mr. William Ochieng of St. Catherine and Mr. Charles of Nazarine Primary school. Mr. Ben Okoth of St .Catherine came along with the patron from St. Catherine. We played four sports: touch rugby, football, netball and volleyball. These games were refereed by the girls themselves, which was an excellent leadership development.

Joy Akinyi
Project Coordinator
Girl Power Clubs Africa

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