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Nairobi Girls Get A Feel Of Finance….Business!


We recorded an average attendance of 73 girls. The participants are a holiday group largely from the community around Nairobi County and upcountry, aged between 10 and 19 years, with majority being 14 years of age.

Schools in Attendance
  1. Ngei Primary14 girls
  2. Uhuru Gardens Primary 9 girls
  3. St. Michaels Primary 1 girl
  4. Malezi Primary 4 girls
  5. Malezi High  2 girls
  6. Karen ‘C’ Secondary 3 girls
  7. Langata Barracks High 2 girls
  8. Langata Barracks Primary 1 girl
  9. Nairobi Day Secondary  2 girls
  10. Shunem Girls 2 girls
  11. Mwaani  Girls 1 girl
  12. Kinyw Girls 1 girl
  13. Olympic Primary 17 girls
  14. St. Catherine’s Primary 5 girls
  15. Red Rose Academy 1 girl
  16. Soweto Academy 1 girl
  17.  Langata West Primary 3 girls
  18. Free Methodist School 1 girls
  19. St. .Marys Primary 1 girl
  20. St. Michaels High 2 girls
  21. St. Andrews 1 girl

Day 1 19th August Tuesday
Covenor/Trainer: Ja Young Margaret
Lifeskill Games: Coach Mary Florence Akinyi and Rehema Akinyi
Attending: 83 Girls
The theme of the day was Being Money Savvy Jayoung Naphtalie Margaret. 
The girls were taught on all the essentials of money ;
  • What is money: Girls were able to discuss in groups what they each think money is , why we use it, where we get it from. Answers ranged from ..’its what we use to get needs and wants, …what you take with you to the shop, market or super market…its coins and shillings…..its valuable and has value….its means of exchange in form of coins and bank notes.’’ Some appeared blank having never thought of the question before. With regards to why they answered..,…’use to buy what we need, …use to save….use to start business.’ When presenting on where do we get it from they said …..’ banks,…..savings….parents give….pick ‘’okota’’ ….business…De La Rue’.
  • Evolution of money. Under this sub topic girls were able to see and discuss different forms of money as used in the olden days up to today. They discussed and shared what they think currency is some saying its like a form of money as everyone else agreed that it must be an acceptable means. We also got to see some samples of money in different forms as well as discuss the value of it inclusive of learning to know how to , what to change and which currency is used where.
  • Papers for Life. This is a session done in goal and was important to teach the girls on what this papers/documents are for the simple reasons that access to lots of facilities in life including money in most instance would require this documents. Birth certificates, IDs, Passports, academic certificates, Marriage Certificates, land and property titles, business permits, health certificates, death certificates, baptism and the like. The girls were able to identify at least each one of the mentioned and see how they can use it in relation to money and other things.
  • Skills v Qualities. This session was closely followed after papers for life where the girls were required to differentiate between the two as well as talents vs skills. This is an important session as they girls get to discover themselves have a basic or rough career guide outlook by weighing their abilities as well as seeing income opportunities. Eg one who is attentive to details, artistic and loves beauty would easily see and point out a skill related, develop it and market it and create a business from it therefore, income!
  • Wants & Needs, Spending Decisions & Budgeting. This sessions were done closely together. Girls identifying and distinguishing wants from needs, doing a spending decision exercise where each group must have a budget with everything they want minus an income bit. Then each group is either allocated exact money , less or more their list. They need to use the wants and needs lesson and decide whats worth the spending.
  • Saving Game and Saving. After lunch the girls had a saving game from which they drew broad lessons , that would be use through out the week including business , marketing , branding. They also each shared what they know about saving drawing lessons from the game and previous learnt sessions in the day.
  • Each group had to prepare a song with the words ‘spend less than you earn and save something everyday or everyweek ‘ to present at the end of workshop. The composition is their own, the tune could be own composition or a tune they like, they could rap or anything as long as its creative.
  • End of Day 1!

Day 2 August 20th  Wednesday
Covenor/Trainer: Dr. Elizabeth Odera
Lifeskill Games: Coach Mary Florence Akinyi and Rehema Akinyi
Attending: 75 Girls in Attendance.
Theme Of The Day: Understanding What A Business Is

We started the day with the girls leading their ice breaker and recap of previous day sessions.
·      What’s a Business. The girls were each given a group to work with and supplied with business demonstration papers. 8 different business in picture and each of the groups needed to share what they see and make comments. Then each picked a business of choice to discuss on with guide questions on what they think the business is, why they think it was developed, what service or product is being provided, advantages to the customer, disadvantages, what could be improved. Each group had an extensive discussion and later each presented their findings.

·      Money, Business, Market game. Coach Mary Florence organized for two games, a number tag game & ‘rounders’. For the mid morning before lunch. We had 4 big groups and four ‘rounder’ fields. Each team had to play by the rules of the game paying attention to details as they relate it to everything we are learning under Girls and Finance. The main concepts and lessons were, learning to count and keep business records, learn to save, learn customer relationship, understand our products, learn value of time and speed in relation to the business products, understand risks, know what are smart risks and what are not, doing prior research on a business before launching on it, understanding the rules of the business, knowing when you need to change the business tactics to keep playing, know the health hazards depending on business.

·      Taking advantage of new opportunities , women in business. The afternoon was spent by girls looking into examples of women in business. They read Esther Pasaris Story and analyzed it by looking at the idea, its uniqueness, her income, and service to the community. We ended the day with each girl going home to think of an idea that they have.

Day 3, 21st August Thursday
Covenor/Trainer: Dr. Elizabeth Odera
Lifeskill Games: Coach Mary Florence Akinyi and Rehema Akinyi

Attending: 75 Girls in Attendance.

Theme Of The Day: I Have An Idea and SWOT Analysis
Day three started with thorough cleaning of class and environment, with Florence Akinyi and Goal Champions.

  • I have an Idea . Each girl had to report their idea to the group and decide which was the best to take.
  • SWOT Analysis. Having arrived at the final idea , each group needed to analyze their business idea against its own Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats 
  • CAMERA SHOTS were taken by Dr. Liz and Florence of each group and their ideas. THE VIDEOS WILL BE POSTED IN THE UPCOMING PLATFORM FOR GIRL POWER, LATER THIS YEAR.

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