Friday, January 6, 2012

What Is ''I Have A Ball'' Campaign

"I Have A Ball is a unique way for girls to express themselves without fear for stigma and victimasition is through sports. They are encourages to find creative ways to do it, by expressing an important issue in their community, and it must be around a sport ball. The type of ball does not really matter, soccer, basketball, volleyball or tennis. "I Have A Ball" is one such initiative by Girl Power Clubs Africa where girls present life-skills in a ball game that they play as a team and highlight issues they face most, how it affects them, what can, should or wish could be done.

 Rules for participating in the competition.
 1. A ball must be part of the presentation
 2. The game must include 5 - 12 participants at maximum
 3. Parts of the game
       > Introduction 
       > Demonstration 
       > List of requirements
       > The act (sport or game), must show a life skill
       > Must show conclusion

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