Saturday, June 4, 2011

Girl Power Clubs Start Business Competition

Girls listen attentively
The noblest of all ideas to have ever come into reality in the Girl Power Program is the Entrepreneurship vision, with initial support from Women Win and Platinum Credit, in what is a trial run. The business competition was initiated with an aim of teaching and instilling self financial sustenance within young girls and at the same time have entrepreneurial skills embedded in the minds of the young girls. Platinum Credit was on hand, led by their CEO, Brette Sievewright to offer financial advice and teaching to the young entrepreneurs. Out of the 12 schools that handed in and defended their business proposals, 9 schools won cash loans to facilitate start of their businesses.
Platinum CEO, Mr Brette Sievewright
1. Universal Primary– proposed opening a snacks shop received ksh. 7000.00
2. Karen C’s beadwork,crotchet, cardmaking and poultry keeping proposal received ksh. 7000.00
3. Holy Unity– Proposed selling stationery and received ksh. 7000.00
4. Maono Educational Centre– received ksh. 5000.00 for selling sanitary towels, stationery,snacks and soft drinks
5. Malezi Secondary school received Ksh. 5000 for their idea involving the selling of confectionery and snacks
6. Huruma High School received Ksh.7000.00 for their venture in beadwork and card– making
7. Malezi Middle School-proposed a confectionery and stationery business and were granted ksh. 5000.00
8. Shalyne Academy– proposed a unique groceries venture and won ksh. 3000.00
9. Muslim Girls Secondary School received ksh. 5000.00 to start a juice making and confectionery business

It is worth reporting that the projects are growing to fruition as some schools have been able to return the wholeamounts loaned to them. An indicator of flourishing business.

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