Friday, December 2, 2011


Holiday Camp time people!
Girl Power Clubs Africa run a sports camp for both boys and girls dubbed Girl Power - Boys 2 Men Sports Camp. The one week long December camp saw an average turn out of at least 70 teenagers a day who came to Sadili Oval Sports Academy; had them trained in Tennis, Basket Ball, Base Ball , Touch Rugby and a daily dose of very lively Life Skills sessions had the young stars busy for half the day ending with lunch before they went home.
Attending to them were 6 Tennis coaches, 2 Life skills speakers, 2 Rugby coaches, 7 Base ball coaches and  3 Project Assistants. We got a chance to address a number of criticall issues facing the children including hygine for the younger ones to relationships for the was fun listening to the many misconcptions they had being clarified to them.

Looking forward to another joint Holiday Camp in December 2012!

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