Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Girl Power Basketball Challenge

The basketball ran over a holiday weekend, but girls made an effort to turn up in large numbers and also seized the rare opportunity to talk to our roaming camera about what they know about life! See video
HIV and AIDS what do our school girls know?
Participating Schools:
Buruburu Girls A and B teams
Parklands Arya A and B teams
Malezi School
Langata High A and B
Buruburu B vs Parklands Arya 10 to 14; Malezi vs. Buruburu B 2 to 13; Parklands Arya A vs Malezi 23 to 5; Buruburu A vs. Parklands Arya 7 to 21, Buruburu A vs. Langata High 42 to 18, Parklands Arya A vs. Buruburu B 18 to 46, Malezi vs. Buruburu B to 2 to 13.

Individual Awards:
Under 15:
Best Defensive Player – Ivy Namulindwa (Buruburu)
Top Scorer – Valentine Eudia (Parklands Arya)
Most Valuable Player – Emily Nyatich (Parklands Arya)
Under 18:
Best Defensive Player – Mercy Nanyama (Langata High School)
Top Scorer – Georgia Adhiambo (Buruburu Girls)
Most Valuable Player Melisa Akinyi (Buruburu Girls)

Team Awards:
Under 15:
Winner:  Parklands Arya
Runnerup: Buruburu Girls High School
Under 18:
Winner: Buruburu Girls

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