Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Girl Power Club Mentoring :Meet Our mentor

Lillian Samba is a certified accountant and an entrepreneur with her own interior design and decor business in Nairobi.

She loves colours, colours inspire her thoughts .Her love for colours is one the factors that motivate her in her interior design and decor business. She also keeps fit by doing by aerobic exercises also known as cardio and yoga.

Her vision in the mentoring program is to see girls become more confident, breaking away from traditional beliefs, embracing and accepting their body's changes as they grow up in responsible, independent ladies who will break some of the glass ceiling that women aspire to break.
Samba's take on image and self esteem is that, "it's not always about how one looks on the outside but the inside matters too. The mirror only givesthe physical appearance but it's also good to evaluate ones inner self, believe in one self and be positive".

Message to the girls,"Know that you are heroes in yourselves from the inside and learn to help other girls so that all of you can move forward. Strive to be all round people by blending your education, with your talents, sport , art, music, passion and interests. Everyone has their time and just because others time has come patiently wait for your time .Most importantly discover your passion then pursue what it entails".

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